Why should you go for Biotechnology?

Why should you go for Biotechnology?

April 8, 2019

Completion of one academic level brings in the dilemma of picking the appropriate academic field for the right career ahead. Certainly, the burden of choosing a rewarding discipline is real, one wrong step can propel you to failure and this is the last thing you would want to happen to you. In this era where innovations and research prove to be of utmost importance, you should go for something that involves transforming lives? Once decided, you should surely go for options in the field of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is one such academic sphere which has endowed futuristic solutions to a lot of century-old problems.

Biotechnology occupies a substantial proportion of applied sciences. It deals with the implementation of principles and techniques of Biology to refining the products and services by means of molecular, cellular and genetic processes. This domain encapsulates the theories of Biology, Chemistry, Design, and engineering so as to upgrade the lives and health of all living organisms.

Buildout of Indian Biotech Industry

As Biotechnology Industry has become one of the fastest growing industries of the nation, the demand for competent personnel has multiplied manifolds. According to the statistics put forth by Make in India, holding about 2% of the global biotech industry, the nation has prosperously bagged twelfth rank on the list of best biotech destinations in the world. Based on applications, the Indian Biotechnology industry can be segregated into five lots namely Biopharmaceuticals, Bioservices, Bio-Agriculture, Bioindustrial and Bioinformatics where 40% of the companies operate in the Biopharma sector. Having a bigger share of the biotechnology industry, bio-pharmaceutical also accounts for the largest revenue share of 64% in the line followed by bio-services (18 %) and bio-agricultural segments (14%). As of now, the Indian government has allocated USD 371 million towards the Department of Biotechnology, under the Ministry of Science & Technology. Taking this into consideration, the Indian Biotech industry is all set to reach USD 100 billion by 2025 (Reference 1) Such big numbers are heralds of forthcoming job opportunities.

Career Prospects in Biotechnology

Undoubtedly, the expansion in any of the industry directly governs the academic decisions of the majority. Biotechnology is one such field which has proffered groundbreaking inventions. From nerve generation to the human genome project, the branch of science has done wonders. Despite the fact that this field has leaped so far, there still remain areas which are untouched and demand further exploration and thus, great many job openings pop up year-on-year.

Biotechnological job scope incorporates varieties of opportunities. By opting for Biotechnology, the candidates can join Research and development at a higher level. They can also work in quality assurance/regulatory affairs, Manufacturing, Clinical research, Government (policymaking), Software engineering, Food, animal and environmental sciences, Sales and technical support, Business management, and Project management. As there are five different sections of the industry, the aforementioned job areas expand five folds hence Biotechnology becomes a superior domain having multiple benefits.

Evidently, there is a surfeit of career options appended to the discipline but what’s more, to it is its capability of altering lives and lifestyles. This very academic domain has bestowed gifts as useful as stem cells research on society. Being a revolutionary field, it has the potential to even bring Cancer treatment to the forefront. With some great powers embedded in this sphere, it can reshape our lives by extensive research pertinent to the issues. Consequently, you can participate in eminent research and can come up with the ultimate solutions for life-long problems. The discipline demands more and more devoted candidates and it is willing to present them with triumph in return.

Far-extending scope

Though myriads of golden opportunities are available within the nation itself yet some candidates aspire to go abroad and work. For the latter, Biotechnology is, again, worthwhile. According to a report from Global Market Insights, the market size of Global Biotech Industry was over $330.3 billion in 2015 and in all likelihood, it has the potential of reaching $775.2 billion by 2024 at a 9.9% CAGR (Reference 2).So the aspirants who want to settle overseas can gain a upper hand with a Biotechnology degree.

Contemplating the present and future job prospects of the field, Biotechnology definitely becomes a preferable choice for those who want to win the world. A lot of candidates are shifting their focus to this discipline in demand, so should you . As the degree ushers innumerable job opportunities, one should certainly go for it. So, give up on waiting, just choose the best institute among various biotechnology colleges in India and give your career a healthy kick start.