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Best Bio-Technology Colleges in Chandigarh

Break new grounds with one of the Best Biotechnology Colleges in India

Biotechnology is the blend of academic spheres of biology, biochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology, which has the onus of bringing trailblazing innovations to life. Crowning Biotech as one of the most important disciplines of the 21st century, CGC Landran has meticulously incorporated it in its academic curriculum. With the provision of avant-garde teaching schedules significant to the industry, the college has fostered new leading-edge discoveries. This makes CGC, Landran one of the Best Biotech Colleges in India.

Join the Top Biotech College in Punjab

Under the aegis of CGC, Landran, undergraduate and postgraduate Biotechnology courses are offered. B.Sc. Biotech and M.Sc. Biotech are the two variants pertinent to the Biotechnology section. Since this discipline expects students to have a more practical approach, the college feels responsible to provide the same. For this reason, practical and theory have been amalgamated by the institute.

Along with the usual classes, special guest lectures, seminars, conferences & workshops are organized to provide expert opinions on various topics. For the benefit of the students, the college has added Animal cell culture and cancer research labs to its infrastructure. Furthermore, CGC, Landran feels proud to share that it has been recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) by DST, Government of India which means that quality and CGC walk hand-in-hand, thereby making it the Top Biotech College in Punjab.

Out Of The Ordinary


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We at CGC, Landran strongly believe that and do that extra bit to bring out the best of sportspersons in every student. This way CGC nurtures the sportspersons.


“We shouldn’t teach great books, we should teach a love for reading”. CGC, Landran strongly believes in the said and makes the best of books available to encourage advanced reading and research.


We at CGC, keeping pace with the latest educational requirements, give our students well equipped and state of the art classrooms along with opportunities of learning through e classrooms.


CGC, Landran gives hands-on experience via well-equipped laboratories and research centers. The campus comprises hi-tech laboratories packed with ultramodern tools and the latest computer technologies.