As Per Punjab Technical University

  • Minimum 90 days of classes in each semester.
  • If Semester does not get the required 90 days, extra classes will be arranged on Saturday/Sunday or other Holidays to complete the syllabus.
  • 75% of attendance is mandatory for each student.
  • In case a candidate fails to meet the attendance requirements he/ she will be detained from appearing in the final University Examinations.
  • Principal can condone up to a maximum of 10 % of the lectures/ tutorials/ practicals held in a subject, owing to serious illness, calamity or any other sufficient reason.
  • 60% evaluation is external and 40% is internal.
  • The external evaluation is based on the end semester University Examinations.
  • The question paper for the university examinations is set by an external team and the answer books/scripts are also evaluated by external examiner.
  • The 40 marks of internal evaluation are awarded by the teacher on the basis of continuous evaluation of the student, through class tests, seminars, home assignments and class work.
  • Three class tests are conducted internally during the semester, out of which best two tests are considered for award of Internal/ Session marks.
  • 24 marks are assigned to class tests (best two out of three), 10 marks are assigned to assignment and tutorial sheets and 6 marks are based on class attendance.
  • 40% weight age is given to the end semester university examination and 60% to internal evaluation. The end semester practical examination is conducted by a board comprising of one internal and one external examiner.