B. Tech. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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B. Tech Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI& ML) is an engineering degree that primarily focuses on the development of smart technology that can mimic cognitive processes to understand, predict, analyze and perform the given tasks with precision. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two intertwined subjects wherein the former grants machine the ability to simulate human behavior while the latter assists in learning the patterns with the help of previous data. This branch of engineering has already made strides across industries and platforms and is being largely employed for fast and efficient task completion

Choose CGC Landran, one of the Best B. Tech AI & ML colleges in India

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran offers a four-year degree affiliated with I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. This B. Tech AI & ML degree is spread over eight semesters. This program encompasses cognate subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Advanced Search Technique, Soft Computing, Artificial Neural Networks, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Speech, and Natural Language Processing, and so on.