Artificial Intelligence is not here to take your jobs but to create more! October 7, 2019

An expert session was organised on ‘Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and its Application’ for the faculty and students of CGC Landran, which was delivered by Puneet Jindal, Chief Data Scientist and Founder, Eduwaive Foundation.AI is transforming the way our life functions. It is becoming an integral part of our day to day activities and making it so much convenient.The session highlighted all the significant aspects of this rapidly growing robotic system along with other technologies like Machine Learning and Data Sciences.Various examples were shared related to our routine activities to make it easier for everyone to understand. Also, all the queries of the faculty and students were addressed during the session.>Many people consider AI as a threat to their jobs but the session clarified this notion too. Our expert Puneet Jindal stated that AI is not posing a threat on jobs but it will present a different set of employment opportunities similar to how it happened during the Industrial Revolution.