Seminar on Fuel Saving by CSE Department CEC on 13 March 2019

Event objective: Department of CSE, CEC organized a Seminar on Fuel Saving on 13 March 2019 for CGC Drivers. This is the right time for us to explore fuel saving techniques.
About the Guests: Mr. Harwinder from RCED told us about the techniques of Fuel saving, how it can be used in our day to day lives.
About the Event: The Seminar on Fuel Saving was organized in pre lunch Session. Mr. Harwinder told about Car pooling options, not to run vehicles on high speed and always try and maintain a stable speed for better fuel efficiency. Mr. Harwinder also played videos related to Fuel Saving techniques. Our CGC Drivers showed great interest in the Seminar and agreed that the methods shown would definitely lead to saving fuel.
Head of CSE Department Dr. Manish Mahajan appreciated the efforts done by the faculty coordinators. He concluded the Talk by presenting a Vote of Thanks.
Event Outcomes The Drivers got to know more about the Fuel saving techniques which surely will be helpful in daily routine.