Course in Ethics and Moral Values–A way to Understand the Importance of Values

The course will enable the humans to develop the ability to distinguish between what carries value and what is superficial in life. It will give them right mindset for facing the challenges and also help them in developing ways to achieve success. From self growth to a harmoniously composed society that works for giving a healthy environment is the aim.


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What Will I Learn?
  • To understand the role of human values in professional success and goal setting.
  • To demonstrate his/her ability to understand his role towards individual growth while keeping global responsibilities in mind
  • To participate in activities related to saving the environment for holistic growth.
  • To get inculcated with workplace ethics and to adhere to the values enshrined.
  • To demonstrate his/her role at all four different levels of growth self, family, society and nature.
  • To understand how to use one’s potential for good of all.

Course Coordinator Details

Ms. Gagandeep Bhullar


Curriculum For This Course
Week 1
1 Lessons
    • Introduction to Human Values
    • a)Types of Needs
    • b)Modes of Satisfaction
    • c)Barriers to Reaching Your Goal
    • d) Why do we do what we do?
    • e)Education as a means to Happiness
    • Understanding Happiness and Prosperity!
    • a) Difference between being rich and being happy
    • b) Human aspirations- Process & Barriers
    • c)Tips to live in harmony
    • d)Self and Body
    • e)Key words to extract specific meaning
    • f)Understanding prosperity in an everyday context with another
    • Understanding Skills of recognizing one's role:
    • a) Using your inner voice as a tool
    • b) Activities of I and Harmony in I
    • c) Harmony of I with the body
    • d )Conquering your Ego and living in Sanyam with a Swasth Body!
    • Harmony in Family and Society
    • a)How to owe responsibilities in family?
    • b) Understanding Values in Human- Human relations
    • c) Role of Trust and Respect
    • d) Samman (Repect) for all
    • e)Akhand Samaj (A United Society)
    • Understanding the harmony in Society-
    • a) Solution to our day to day problems
    • B)Prosperity and Compassion
    • c)The formula for establishing a fearless society
    • d)Crafting a society that co-exists
    • e) Human Goals
    • f) Universal Human Order g) From Family to the World
    • Self health to buildong a healthy society:
    • a) Correct appraisal of Physical needs
    • b) Food and Health
    • c) Financial aspect of food for all
    • Harmony in Nature
    • A)Understanding the Harmony in Nature
    • b)Making sure your contribution is in harmony with nature
    • c)Interconnectedness and mutual fulfillment
    • Ethical Human Conduct -
    • a)Humanistic Education
    • b) Ability to utilize professional competence for good of all
    • c) Management models and production system
    • d)Transition fro present state to Universal Human Order
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