Sno.Name of facultyTitle of paperName of JournalEvent Attended( Conference, Paper Presentation)National/ InternationalVol. No.Issue No.Page No.ISSN/ISBNSCI/ScopusDate of Publication
1 Mrs. Daljit KaurReview on Comparative Analysis of Different Video Watermarking Techniques With DWT-SVD-DCTInternational Journal of Engineering Research and Genral ScienceNAInternationalVolume 3Issue 2p.p. 1138,1142NaNaMarch- April-2015
2Mr .Amitabh sharmaReview on Intersection And Cohernce Based Synchronization For Body Sensor NetworkInternational Journal Of Advances In Engineering And TechnologyNAInternationalVolume 8 Issue 4p.p. 674-677NaNaAug-15
3 Dr. Shashi BhushanIntelligent Hazard Routing for VANETs with Point of Interest Evaluation TechniqueInternational Journal of Computer Science and Mobile ComputingNAInternationalVolume 4 Issue 7p.p. 116-121NaNaJul-15
4 Dr. Shashi BhushanA Novel Model for Traffic Hurdle Detection with Quick VANET Cluster Updation ModelInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsNAInternationalVolume-124 Issue-6p.p. 22-26NaNaAug-15
5 Dr. Shashi BhushanEnhanced Hazard Routing Mechanism with Collision-Avoidance for Smooth Vehicular MovementInternational Journal of Engineering Research in Computer Science and EngineeringNAInternationalVolume-2Issue-8p.p. 71-76NaNa15-Aug
6 Dr. Shashi BhushanA Compherensive review on x-ray imaging classification TechniqueInternational jouranl of modern computer science and applicationNAInternationalvolume No. 3Issue-2p.p-34-40NaNa2,April, 2015
7 Dr. Shashi BhushanA Novel aaproach for x-ray baggage classification using feature detectionInternational Conference on communication ,Information and Computing TechnologyNAInternationalNaNapp-826-831ISBN:978-93-8300607612-13 May,2015
8 Dr. Shashi BhushanA review on X-ray image classification using feature extractionInternational Jouranl of modern Embedded SystemNAInternationalvolume no.3Issue no.2pp.28-31NaNajuly ,2015
9 Dr. Shashi BhushanReview on Object tracking using semi blinded technique : KPM approachInternational Conference on communication ,Information and Computing Technology-NAInternationalNaNapp-816-820ISBN:978-93-83006076May ,2015
10 Dr. Shashi BhushanA Hybrid KPM approach for object tracking using particle filterInterantional Jouranl of advance research in computer and communication EnginerringNAInternationalvol.4Issue .6pp-391-395NaNaJune ,2015
11 Dr. Shashi BhushanHybrid approach for Multiple Object Tracking:KPMInternational Journal of modern computer ScienceNAInternationalvol.3Issue 3NaNaNaOct,2015
12 Dr. Shashi BhushanPoint Based multi object tracking using hybrid kpm approachInternational jouranl of modern computer science and applicationNAInternationalvol.3Issue 3NaNaNaAug ,2015
13Mrs. Amanpreet KaurComparison of DWT and DFT for Energy efficiency in Under Water Wireless Sensor NetworksInternational Journal of Computer Science and Mobile ComputingNAInternationalVol 4Issue 7pp 128-137NaNaJuly, 2015
14Mrs. Amanpreet KaurA Novel Wavelet Compression for Energy Efficiency in Underwater WSNsInternational Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software EngineeringNAInternationalVol 5 Issue 7pp 710-713NaNaJuly, 2015
15Mrs. Amanpreet KaurA Discrete Wavelet Transform Compression Technique used in Underwater Sensor Network (UWSN) for Energy EfficiencyInternational Journal Engineering Reasearch in Computer Science and EngineeringNAInternationalVol 2Issue 8pp 66-70NaNaAugust, 2015
16Mr. Sachin MajithiaHybrid Scheduler for Minimum Engergy Consumtion and Optimised Job Management in Data CentreInternational journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)NAInternationalVol. 3 Issue 8pp 253-262NaNaAugust, 2015
17Mr. Sachin MajithiaHybrid Scheduler for Minimum Engergy Consumtion and Optimised Job Management in Data CentreInternational journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)NAInternationalVol. 3 Issue 6pp 806-811NaNaJune ,2015
18Dr. Shashi BhushanVarious Techniques for Fault Tolerance in Distributed computing system- A ReviewInternational journal of computer science and Mobile ComputingNAInternationalVol.4 Issue 5pp.754-759NaNaMay ,2015
19Dr. Shashi BhushanTo Propose a Novel Technique to Overcome Fault Tolerence in DCS during Node MobilityInternational journal of Advanced Research in Computer & Communication Engineering TechnologyNAInternationalVol.4Issue 7pp.259-262NaNaJuly, 2015
20 Mrs. Heena WadhwaAn Approach Defining Gait Recognition System using K-MeansInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsNAInternationalVo.117 Issue 17pp. 1-4NaNaMay-15
21 Mrs. Heena WadhwaFeature Emulation and Cluster Analysis to Discern Gait-A Maiden Towards ProgressionInternational Journal of Current Engineering and TechnologyNAInternationalVol.6, Issue 1pp.89-95NaNaFebruary, 2016
22 Mrs. Heena WadhwaAmelioration of Gait Recognition System using Dimension Diminution FrameworkInternational Journal of modern computer ScienceNAInternationalVol. 3 Issue 3pp. 97-101NaNaOct,2015
23Mr. Amitabh SharmaA Refinement: A Better Classification of Images using LDA in contrast with SURF and SVM for CBIR SystemInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsNAInternationalVolume 117 Issue 16pp. 31-33NaNaOct, 2015
24Mr. Amitabh SharmaIdentification of Pattern and Feature Unsheathing for Image RetrievalInternational Journal of modern computer ScienceNAInternationalVol. 3Issue 3pp. 120-124NaNaOct,2015
25Mrs. Daljit kaurFingerprint Matching and recognition using gabor filter with Euclidean distanceInternational journal of current researchNAInternationalvol. 7Issue. 11pp.22412-22415NaNaNov, 2015
26Mrs. Daljit kaurA review on Minutiae feature Extraction of Enhanced fingerprint imageinternational journel of engineering research and general scienceNAInternationalVol. 3Issue 4pp.354-358NaNajuly-august, 2015
27Dr. Shashi BhushanComparison of Techniques for Plagiarism Detection in Document ImagesEuropean Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology (EJAET)NAInternationalVol. 2Issue. 5pp. 27-31NaNaMay ,2015
28Dr. Shashi BhushanImage Feature Detection and Extraction using Modified Invariance Edge DetectionInternational Journal of modern computer Science (IJMCS)NAInternationalVol. 3Issue. 2pp. 57-62NaNaJune ,2015
29Dr. Shashi BhushanPlagiarism Detection in Document Images Using Modified Harries And Belief PropagationInternational Journal of Mordern Computer Science and Applications (IJMCSA)NAInternationalVol No. 3 Issue No. 3Pp. 1-6NaNaAug, 2015.
30Mr. Heena WadhwaA review on Identity based CrytographyInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsNAInternationalVol. 119-Issue No. 13pp: 18-21NaNaJune ,2015
31Dr. Bikrampal KaurAn Analytical Study On Iris Recgonition System : A surveyInternational Journal of Engineering Research and General ScienceNAInternationalVol.3 Issue 2,Part 2pp: 849-853NaNaApril,2015
32Dr. Bikrampal KaurA Feature Level Extraction based in Iris Recognition For Secure Biometic AuthenticationInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsNAInternationalvol. 123Issue No. 11pp: 13-16NaNaAug, 2015.
33Dr. Bikrampal Kaur“Internet of Things:A Review”International Journal of Science Technology & management(IJSTM)NAInternationalvol 5Issue 2,NaNaNaMar-15
34Dr. Bikrampal KaurCoAP Protocol for constrained NetworksInternational Journal of Wireless and Microwave TechnologiesNAInternationalvol 5Issue 6pp:1-10NaNaJune ,2015
35Dr. Bikrampal KaurWeb Integrated Smart home infrastructure using Internet of ThingsInternational Journal of Engineering Research and General ScienceNAInternationalvol 3Issue 6NaNaNaNovember. 2015
36 Dr.Shashi BhushanImage Watermarking and Its Techniques:A ReviewInternational Journal of Research in Computer and Communication TechnologyNAInternationalvol 4Issue 6pp. 397-404NaNaJun-15
37 Dr.Shashi BhushanImage Watermark Embedded using DWT, Neural Network and RSAInternational Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and ApplicationsNAInternationalvol 1Issue 7NaNaNaNovember. 2015
38Ms. Daljit kaurReview of Face Detection and Recognition TechniquesInternational Journal of Engineering Research and General ScienceNAInternationalVolume 3 Issue 41008-1013NaNa2015
39Ms. Daljit kaurFace Detection Using Skin Colour Model and Face Recognition Using ANNInternational Journal of Computer Science and Mobile ComputingNAInternationalVol.4Issue.9pg. 237-241NaNa2015
40Ms. Daljit kaurEvaluation of Performance of the Face Detection Using Skin Colour Model and Face Recognition Using ANNInternational Journal of Computer Science and Mobile ComputingNAInternationalVol.4 Issue.11pg. 267-271NaNa2015
41Mrs. Shanky GoyalReview Paper on Advanced Mobile TechnologyInternational Journal of research in Advent TechnologyNAInternationalvol.3Issue no.6pg85-88NaNaJun-15
42Mrs. Shanky GoyalAdvance Hotspot Deployment in LTE with White SpaceInternational journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software EngineeringNAInternationalvol.5 Issue no. 7pg.385-390NaNaJul-15
43Mrs. Shanky GoyalDynamic Hotspot Clustering Using White SpaceInternational Joural of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and TechnologyNAInternationalvol.2 Issue 8pg.2151-2155NaNaAug-15
44Mr. Mandeep DevganA Comparative Analysis of Various Multistep Login Authentication MechanismsInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsNAInternationalVolume 127-Issue No.-9pg. 20-26NaNaOct,2015
45Dr. Bikrampal KaurA Exploratory Review on Soft Computing Segmentation TechniquesIOSR Journal of computer Engineering(IOSR-JCE)NAInternationalvolume 17Issue 4pp 64-67NaNajuly-aug 2015
46Dr. Bikrampal Kaur Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Biography Based Neural Clutering and Genetic Processing For Medical ImagesJournal of Multidisciplinary Engineerng Science and Technology(JMEST)NAInternationalVolume 2Issue 10pp 2830-2833NaNaOct-15
47Dr. Shashi bhushanHIS image restoration using Low Rank Matrix RecoveryIJCA 2015NAInternationalVol. 117Issue no. 634-36NaNaMay ,2015
48Dr. Shashi bhushanHybrid Image enhancement model for hyper spectral image using new edge directed interpolation (NEDI) and Non Reference restoration Algorithm(NRRA)IJMES 2015NAInternationalvolume 3Napp. 1- 5NaNaNovember. 2015
49Dr. Shashi bhushanedge detection in HSI using NEW edge Directed InterpolationIJCSMC 2015NAInternationalVolume 4Issue 7325-329NaNaJul-15
50Dr. Shashi bhushanspeech enhancement using Segmental Non- Negtive Matrix Factorization(SNMF) and Hidden Markov Model( HMM)IJCA 2015NAInternationalVolume 119Napp. 1-2NaNajune ,2015
51Dr. Shashi bhushanSpeech enhancement using Hidden Markov Model( HMM)IJCSMC 2015NAInternationalVolume 4ISSUE 7PP.358-363NaNaJul-15
52Dr. Shashi bhushanSpeech enhancement using HMM and SNMF(OS)IJRITCC 2015NAInternationalVolume :3Issue :11pp,6354-6359NaNaNov-15
53Dr. Shashi bhushanMultimodal Biometrics using Iris and Ear ModalitiesIJRECENAInternationalVolume :3Issue :04ISSN: 2393-9028 Print
ISSN: 2348-2281 Online
ISSN: 2393-9028 Print
ISSN: 2348-2281 Online
54Dr. Shashi bhushanReview on Eanchment on finger vein using segmentation andSVMIJREST,NAInternationalVolume-2Issue-8Pp. 06 to PP. 11NaNaAug-15
55Dr. Shashi bhushanFinger vein ehanchment using segmentation and SVM IJCSITNAInternationalVOL. 6Issue 54549-4554NaNa2015
56Dr. Shashi bhushanTrends in cloud computing and Big DataIJSTMNAInternationalVol.6 Issue 2NaNaNaJune ,2015
57Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiShortest path selection for UAVs using 3D coordinates with collission avoidance systemIJCANAInternationalVol.119Issue 3NaNaNaJun-15
58Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiShortest path selection for UAVs using 3D coordinates with collission avoidance systemIJMECENAInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2015
59Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiPerformance Evaluation of Secure Asymmetric Key Exchange Mechanisms for 4G NetworksIJCANAInternationalVol. 118Issue no. 23NaNaNaMay-15
60Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiA Novel Cryptographic Key Distribution Scheme for Cloud PlatformsIJCANAInternationalVol. 122Issue no. 3NaNaNaJul-15
61Dr. Shashi BhushanSentimental analysis in mashup languageIJAETNAInternationalVol. 8Issue 4pp. 663-667NaNaAug-15
62Dr. Shashi BhushanAnalysis on hinglish opinion using multinomial naïve bayes algorithmIOSRNAInternationalNaNaissn: 2278-8727NaNaAug-15
63Dr. Shashi BhushanReview on Sentimental Analysis In Mash Up LanguagesInternational Journal Of Advances In Engineering And TechnologyNAInternationalVol. 8 Issue 4p.p. 663-667NaNaAug-15
64Mr.Jaspreet Singhdata de-duplication approach based on hashing techniques for reducing time consumption over a cloud networkinternational journal of computer applicationsNAInternationalVol.142Issue No. 5NaNaNaMay-16
65Mrs. Amanpreet KaurPattern based Graphical Authentication for Mobile Cloud ApllicationInternational journal of Modern Electronics and Communication EngineeringNAInternationalVol.-3Issue 213-16NaNaMay ,2015
66Mrs. Amanpreet KaurMulti-Factor Graphical Password for Cloud interface Authentication SecurityInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsNAInternationalVol. 125Issue 732-35NaNaSep-15
67Dr.Bikrampal KaurExploring the Techinques of Data Enbeddding in Images:A ReviewIJCANAInternationalVol.122Issue 318-21NaNaJul-15
68Dr.Bikrampal KaurSecure the Secret Information in an Image Using k-MM in SteganographyJMESTNAInternationalVol.2Issue 82265-2268NaNaaugust,2015
69Dr.Bikrampal KaurA novel Approach of Data Security Using Hybrid Method of k-MM and crossover in SteganographyIJMCSNAInternationalVol.3Issue 3139-144NaNaoctober,2015
70Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiPerformance Evaluation Survey on Loop Prevention Mechanisms in Redundant Switch TopologyIJTCNAInternationalVol. 1 Issue 21–5NaNaNovember. 2015
71Dr. Parminder SinghComparitive study and Analysis of AODV and OLSR Protocols in Mesh NetworksIJTC journalNAInternationalVolume 1NaNaNaNaOct-15
72Dr. Parminder SinghOverview of SYBIL Attack : Analysis and DetectionIJTC journalNAInternationalVolume 1NaNaNaNaOct-15
73Dr. Parminder SinghReview of IDS System in Large Scale Adhoc NetworksIJTC journalNAInternationalVolume 1NaNaNaNaOct-15
74Mrs. Amanpreet KaurMitigation of EDoS Attacks in Cloud ComputingTaylor and FrancisNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaNa