Sno.Name of facultyTitle of paperName of JournalEvent Attended( Conference, Paper Presentation)National/ InternationalVol. No.Page No.ISSN/ISBNSCI/ScopusDate of Publication
1Sham Singh, Ajay Vasishth, BikramJit Singh, A. C. Panday & A. P. MishraThe Plasma ApproximationInternational Journal of Scientific Research in Science and TechnologyPaperInternational3109-1172395-6011Non-SCI2017
2Aggarwal, N., Vasishth, A., Singh, B. and Singh, B.Investigation of room temperature ferromagnetic behavior in dilute magnetic oxides.Integrated FerroelectricsPaperInternationalACCEPTED1607-8489SCI2017
3Jindal, S., Vasishth, A., Devi, S. and Singh, B.Synthesis and characterization of polycrystalline Ba5CaTi2-xMxNb8O30 (M=Cu) tungsten bronze electro ceramics.Ferroelectrics.PaperInternationalACCEPTED1563-5112SCI2017
4Anil KumarMathematical Study of thermosolutal convection in hetrogenious vscoelastic fluif in the presence of prorous mediumAmerican Journal of Mathematical AnalysisPaperInternational512 to 162333-8490Non-SCI2017
5Anil Kumar, SP AgrawalMathematical Study on MHD squeeze flow between two parallel disks with suction or injection via HAM and HPM and its applications mediumInternational Journal of Engineering Trends and TechnologyPaperInternational45272231-5381Non-SCI2017
6Anil Kumar, SP AgrawalMathematical Study of blood flow in a circular tube of varying cross section of non-newtonian biviscous incompressible fluid in the permeable wallBiomedical Science and EngineeringPaperInternational51 to 41937-6871Non-SCI2017
7Ajay Vasishth., Gurveer Singh., Bikramjit Singh and Sham SinghNANOINK: THE RECENT TECHNOLOGY OF NANOGRAPHY AND XEROGRAPHYInternational Journal of Current Multidisciplinary StudiesPaperInternational3568-5712455-3107Non-SCI2017
8Shalini V Gohil and Neeraj KumarAn injectable and biomimetic multi-phase nanocomposite for non-invasive bone tissue engineering: Fabrication and mechanistic evaluationPolymers for Advanced TechnologiesPaperInternationalIn pressIn Press1099-1581SCI2017
9SP Agrawal, Anil KumarComutational Approach and Analysis of Cone Beam Tomographical ProcessProceedings of the 11th INDIACom, IEEE conference ID:40353Conference PaperInternationalNon-SCI2017
10Anil KumarComputational and Mechanical behaviour of Arterial flow with permeable parameterProceedings of the 11th INDIACom, IEEE conference ID:40353Conference PaperInternationalNon-SCI2017
11Anil Kumar, SP AgrawalComputational modeling of blood flow through stenosed artery with permeable wallProceedings of the 11th INDIACom, IEEE conference ID:40353Conference PaperInternationalNon-SCI2017
12SP Agrawal, Anil KumarModeling and analysis for flow patterns of arterial drug composition materialsProceedings of the 11th INDIACom, IEEE conference ID:40353Conference PaperInternationalNon-SCI2017
13Anakh SinghOn H-adherence and minimal s2½. SpacesInternational Journal of Advance Research in Science and EngineeringPaperInternational646-512319-8346Non-SCI2017