Sno.Name of FacultyTitle of PaperName of JournalEvent Attended (Conference, Paper Presentation)National /InternationalVol. No.Issue No.Page No.ISSN/ISBNSCI/ScopusDate of Publication
1Munish Sethi, Arvind Sharma, Anupamdeep SharmaPropagation of SH waves in a double non-homogeneous crustal layers of finite depth lying over an homogeneous half spaceLatin American Journal of Solid and StructuresPaperInternational23281679-7817SCI2016
2Munish Sethi, Arvind Sharma, Vishal Sharma, Anupamdeep SharmaPropagation of SH waves in a regular non-homogeneous monoclinic crustal layer lying over a non-homogeneous semi-infinite mediumJournal of the Mechanical Behavior of MaterialsPaperInternational253-Apr2191-0243Non-SCI2016
3 Inderpreet Kaur BediEvolution of English LanguageImperial journal of Interdisciplinary ResearchPaperNational2611832454-1362Non-SCI2016
4Dynamic nature of English LanguageImperial journal of Interdisciplinary ResearchPaperNational2614662454-1362Non-SCI2016
5 Krishan KantDynamics of CommunicationNews ArticleNationalNon-SCI2016
6 Krishan KantA word of thoughtNews ArticleNationalNon-SCI2016
7Monika,SofiaMathematical Computational for system of Linear EquationInternational Journal of Engineering,Pure and Applied SciencesPaperInternational1341-442456-3129Non-SCI2016
8Sham Singh & A. P. MishraEffect of Solar Influences on Earth’s Magnetosphere and Upper AtmosphereJournal of Pure Applied and Industrial PhysicsPaperInternational6190-1982229-7596Non-SCI2016
9Sham Singh, A. C. Panday, C. M. Tiwari & A. P. MishraThe Effect of 27-Day Solar Rotation on Earth MagnetosphereInternational Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied SciencesPaperInternational6134-1452348-1862Non-SCI2016
10Bikramjit Singh, Ajay Vasishth, S. Nagaveni and Sham SinghIN VITRO RED BLOOD CELLS PHOTOHEMOLYTIC STUDIES BY ANTIDIABETICS, ANTIHYPERTENSIVES AND THEIR COMBINATIONSInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Health CarePaperInternational640-482249 – 5738Non-SCI2016