What career opportunities can a Pharm.D open for you?

What career opportunities can a Pharm.D open for you?

June 18, 2019

The outset of Pharm D or Doctor of Pharmacy, a professional doctoral degree, in the Indian education system can be traced back to the year 2008. With the very introduction of this six-year program, the Pharmacy Council of India gave a new face to the discipline altogether. Before this infusion, there were Pharmacy degrees which imparted only industry significant information. However, Pharm D has certain variations. Patient healthcare modules and clinical services make it a disparate pharmacy course. Encapsulation of different facets of medical and healthcare services has helped it become a course brimming with opportunities. Thereupon, realizing the scope appended to this degree, there has been an increase in the number of Pharm D colleges in India.

A lot of people think about joining this course yet a doubt remains- What is the difference between B.Pharmacy and Pharm.D. To clarify the fact Pharm.D has been designed with a patient-oriented approach. As a matter of fact, students are trained as per the healthcare services. The students, during the course of the degree, learn to counsel patients, know about the drug actions and study about the Adverse Drug Reactions on those patients. To sum it all up, Pharm.D is the key to become a clinical pharmacist and serve the healthcare industry. Choosing this trailblazing sector is still a daunting task for many for they are not aware of its positives. Once you get to know what opportunities are appended to this field, you will be surprised. To make you aware, we are here presenting a list of top ten career opportunities after Pharm. D:

1.Clinical Pharmacist: The whole idea of this degree is to provide the candidates a status so unique that they would get a chance to work as a pharmacist and a doctor both at once. Clinical Pharmacists have the role of optimizing medication, wellness, disease prevention, and healthcare. The therapeutic use of medicine is regulated by clinical pharmacists only. This job profile repays heavily. Not only in India but in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, this job profile has a voluminous scope. Considering this point, there is a green light for opting Pharm.D.

2 Analytical Chemist: The chemical composition of any matter is studied by the analytical chemists. It is yet another promising job option which can be unlocked with the help of Pharm.D degree. In order to become suitable for the job, the candidates should be well versed with bioanalysis, forensic science, environmental analysis, clinical analysis, and materials analysis. Primarily, the role of an analytical chemist is to study the composition and behavior of different salts/substances. The pursuit of Pharm.D can assure you a well-reputed job as an analytical chemist.

3.Clinical Research: In hospitals or clinical research organizations, Pharm.D graduates are required to perform different research activities so as come up with new solutions. The candidates have different roles in the clinical research sector. For example, one of the roles is of finding out the genetic makeup of the patients and how that combines with specific drugs. Another very important role under this title is of therapeutic drug monitoring

4.Medical writer: Sounding as a very simple profession, it is one of the most recompensing jobs in the field of pharmacy. With a Pharm.D degree, the candidates are eligible to become one. The key roles of a medical writer include working in association with the doctors or personnel from pharmacovigilance, project management so as to prepare accurate and cost-effective scientific documents. Medical writers are much desired on global platforms. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc, receive Pharm.D graduates very well. Consequently, by knowing how the student exchange program works, the students can go abroad to study and get settled.

5.Quality control Officers: In pharmaceutical companies, there is a post of quality control officer who ensures that every medicine of pharmaceutical product is being made as per the prescribed standards. After a Pharm.D degree, the candidates can work as quality control officers in this promising job area.

6.Pharmacovigilance Associate: Pharm. D associates have different roles during the development and testing of new medications. In fact, pharmacovigilance associates are also desired by the clinical research organizations for the purpose of testing the adverse drug effects on different patients. In Pharmaceutical industries also, there are openings for Pharmacovigilance associates who keep a check on the safety of drugs being manufactured.

7.Pharmacoeconomics researcher: Pharmacoeconomics is a discipline which combines the postulates of economics and pharmacy. Under this research, the cost and effect of one therapeutic drug are compared to another. Their evaluations can be categorized as cost-effective, cost-analysis and cost-utility.

8.Community Pharmacist: Pharm.D graduates can work as a community pharmacist and play a vital role in uplifting the community health. The community pharmacists impart information about medical drugs and their usage to the people.

9.Drug Inspector: Drug inspectors are responsible for licensing and regulating the use and sales of drugs. To be a drug inspector, one needs to appear in the relative government exam. It is another remunerative occupation which helps the students in pursuing a bright future.

10.Teachers/Professors: For those seeking to join the academic front, Pharm.D can help them very well. After this degree, the candidates can work as teachers in Pharmacy or other related curriculam educational Institutes. The students can also explore the opportunities for further studies in India or abroad.

The bottom-line:

Pharm.D is a sea full of options which have not been explored by many. It is a very appealing degree for those who aspire to pursue something other than Engineering courses. Doctorate of Pharmacy builds a bridge between the candidates and a better, brighter tomorrow. Believing and deciding that you want to stay in the field for the long term, you need to seriously think this through. The instance you choose Pharm.D, you mark the initiation of your success story.