Does M.Sc Biotechnology help you in shaping a successful future?

Does M.Sc Biotechnology help you in shaping a successful future?

August 30, 2019

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary branch of science that subsumes very elaborate and life-transforming potential. We get Biotechnology by amalgamating the concepts of Biology, Engineering, Design, and Chemistry. There are three levels under the Biotechnology discipline, one is bachelors or B.Sc. Biotechnology, the second is masters or M.Sc. Biotechnology and the third one is doctoral or Ph.D. It has been noticed that while picking the right academic path, students often get baffled. Some even end up opting for the wrong option due to lack of awareness and guidance. So, here we aim to help those who have completed B.Sc Biotechnology and are not sure about M.Sc. in the same branch or those who are deciding on what to do after M.Sc. Biotechnology. Because there is a lot one can do after masters in Biotech.

Biotechnology includes the study of living systems and organisms to develop or make new products along with putting the technological application to use so as to make or modify products or processes for a specific use. In short, it is one of the few fields which can lead us to a better and sustainable world. In making the world a better place, this particular domain stands equal to Engineering Courses. There have been marvelous research around the world under the name of biotechnology and they have advanced us to the present day.

Undoubtedly, the academic sphere has an outspread scope for job seekers as well for those who wish to go for higher studies. It is quite amazing to know that since this industry has a global reach; it gets easier for candidates to perform and go on to international levels and destinations for either work or study. Prior to any decision-making, the candidates should examine the scope attentively.

Not only in India but also at the global level, almost all the countries have joined the league to combat decades-old problems with modern, scientific solutions. Subsequently, this quest has made it possible to come across a plethora of options in India as well as abroad. Biotechnology is much sought after course. Having a lot of scopes embedded in it, it comes quite close to being a great option. If you don’t believe it yet, take a look at what it has to offer.

Future scope of M.Sc. Biotechnology

Doctor of Philosophy: It is the highest degree proffered in an academic discipline. After M.Sc. Biotechnology, there is an option for the candidates to go for further studies. Now, a student can pursue this doctoral degree in India or abroad, whatever one wishes for. If you want to start your Doctoral degree in India, you need to appear in the tests such as CSIR-NET, GATE, GPAT, etc. To pursue it from an international university, you need to carefully go through their terms and conditions.
The scads of a job opening for M.Sc. Biotechnology students have been described hereafter:

Biochemist and Biophysicist: The introduction of new and novel medicines which fight against a lot of diseases become possible due to Biochemists and Biophysicist. They also study the chemical and physical principles of living things and natural resources. The world is in search of answers to a lot of queries and one can also work for the cause by becoming Biochemists or biophysicists.

Epidemiologist: Epidemiologists are those who study diseases across a set population group. They are the ones who study the causes and effects of diseases as well as come out with preventive measures against them. Consequently, one can pursue this career vertical and work towards the betterment of the health of people.

Microbiologist: Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, and fungi. A microbiologist is one who studies these organisms so as to construct some life-transforming inventions. They also study the characteristics of pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. This is one job that pays well and so you can try your luck in this field also.

Agricultural Engineer: As the human population is increasing year on year there is a strong need to come up with ideas that would help meet these ever-escalating agricultural demands. So, an Agricultural Engineer is someone who designs, constructs and improves the farming equipment and related machinery.

Government sector: Although all people are equally contributing to the environmental conservation process yet we need to have someone who can keep a check on the working. There is Biotech development in India which is regulated by the Department of Biotechnology and hence there are lots of job opportunities in the field. These high-level jobs are associated with policymaking and execution.

Biopharma Industry: Biopharma industries need someone with a biotech background who has a full understanding of the products being sold. This is a non-scientific job where the person gets placed in the marketing department of the company.

Entrepreneur: Who doesn’t like to be his/her own boss? Well everyone does! So, there is a good chance of establishing your own biotech firm or pharmaceutical firm where you are the one who gets to decide everything. Also, it is a highly repaying job as the Biotech industry is thriving in India.

Laboratory Technician/Assistant: Research is one thing which has helped us come this far. The vaccines, medicines, treatments which are helping humankind to evolve in a healthy way are all results of research. The biotech students have leeway to join the research and development department and become technicians.

Intellectual Property Analyst: Intellectual Property is an intangible property that has been constructed after obtaining a requisite patent and licensing. Working in this particular area means that one is performing an infringement analysis. Under this, the analyst has the task to ensure the new developments being carried out in the company and make sure that they have not infringed on any other companies’ rights. To put it in a simple way, the analyst has to make sure that the development his/her company is making is not already patented or licensed by some other organization

Teacher/Professor: If you have completed your M.Sc. degree, you can also opt for the teaching profession by joining the academic field. Since there are numerous Biotechnology colleges in India, your chances of getting a teaching job are quite higher.

The above-mentioned job profiles are not the limit; you have so many other opportunities out there that offer equally remunerative career opportunities. M.Sc. Biotechnology is one of those academic spheres which have a profusion of jobs to offer. From the research clinics to the universities/colleges, the job paths are aplenty. If some of you still doubt that M.Sc. Biotechnology cannot offer you what you deserve, then you surely have not found the right institute to guide you. To dig out various options in the field, visit the websites of the best Biotechnology colleges in India.