A Career in Biotechnology—In-Demand Jobs Shaping Our Future

A Career in Biotechnology—In-Demand Jobs Shaping Our Future

December 30, 2020

The biotechnology industry is one of the key contributors to the expansion of the economy. The unceasing growth and development of this industry have helped it hold a significant position. As of now, the Indian Biotech Industry holds about a 2 percent share of the total global biotech industry. According to a report by Global Business Review, the Biotech industry, by 2025, will touch the mark of USD 100 Billion.

The Best Biotech Colleges in India keeping in mind the potential, prospects, and growth opportunities in this sphere and have been offering these pertinent degrees under their academic curricula. Today, there are comprehensive degree programs that help students in imbibing all the related postulates of Biotechnology and its sub-disciplines. These programs aim at making students competent enough to work in the most recompensing industries across the world.

In this era, the scope of biotechnology encompasses a gamut of industries. Surprisingly, the candidates can work in any of the following industries of their choice:

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Ecology
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Fossil Fuel Industry

Among multiple career opportunities, there are a few very promising options that not only offer a handsome package rather also assure growth in the industry. To help choose from the best, we have listed down some jobs which stand out in the present times.

The best in-demand jobs include the following:

Genetic Counselor: Genetic counselors are an important part of the healthcare team who play an active role when it comes to assessment or the treatment of inherited diseases. Primarily, they have the onus of educating, counseling, and supporting the patients having genetic disorders. Other roles include:

  • Evaluating family and medical history.
  • Put forth various genetic testing methods and discuss their pros and cons.
  • Document patient health and progress.

Operations Research Analyst: This is among one of the job designations which exist in almost every company irrespective of the nature of work, it is specifically in-demand when it comes to life sciences. It is to be noted that the role of an Operations Research Analyst varies depending on the company one is working in. As Operations Research Analyst, the candidate has the role of advising managers and other team leaders to solve problems using analytical and advanced mathematical methods, the candidates must have full-fledged knowledge of the field. And to meet this requirement, the candidates must complete any of the Biotechnology Courses from a well-reputed college.

Medical and Health Services Manager: For smooth conduct of any business, managers are required who can smoothly carry on the functioning of the organization along with personnel management. And when there is a specific workgroup such as medical practitioners, the manager must also have the same or higher qualification. Today, for any medical organization to work satisfactorily, medical and health services managers play an important role. Most healthcare organizations recruit biotech graduates if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Biopharmaceutical Specialist: Yes, as the name implies Biopharmaceutical specialists are those proficient candidates who have the combined knowledge of both disciplines. Now, the perk of becoming a biopharmaceutical specialist is that the candidate can work in Biotech as well as Pharmaceutical firms. It is a pretty promising option for Biotech graduates and likewise for graduates from the Best Pharmacy Colleges in India. Those who work as Biopharmaceutical Specialists have the responsibility of discovering, designing, manufacturing, and commercializing products that are DNA-driven. Some of these include vaccines, antibodies, immunotherapy, etc.

Plant Biotechnologist: When it comes to agriculture or horticulture, a major percentage of development depends on the weather and soil conditions. But the best part is that by modifying the genetic makeup of plants, they can be made much more robust against the test of time.

So, here comes the role of a Plant Biotechnologist. A plant biotechnologist usually modifies the genetic structure of the plants to help develop beneficial traits such as pests, disease, and drought resistance to name a few.

To summarize, Biotechnology is among those industries which have a long way to go. Today, it is brimming with opportunities and options. Just like the few aforementioned options, there is a long list of jobs that can prove to be as remunerative. While everyone is trying to follow the herd and get into the mainstream courses, try to pick a more exciting one or a little different.

B.Sc. Biotechnology (if you are looking for an undergraduate degree) and M.Sc. Biotech (For post-graduation), are two of the most popular degrees under the banner of Biotechnology. Choosing them is can prove to be a good decision in the long run. They include a broad spectrum of subjects related to the field and hence, the students can further decide in which subject they want to secure a strong foothold. As you decide to embark on this journey, we would suggest you explore all the options, set your eyes on a reputed college and, apply online without second thoughts!