Fee Structure

1B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering4 yrs₹47000₹43000
2B.Tech Mechanical Engineering4 yrs₹47000₹43000
3B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering4 yrs₹47000₹43000
4B.Tech Information Technology Engineering4 yrs₹47000₹43000
5B.Tech (Lateral Entry) Computer Science & Engineering3 yrs₹47000₹43000
6B.Tech (Lateral Entry) Mechanical Engineering3 yrs₹47000₹43000
7B.Tech (Lateral Entry) Electronics and Communication Engineering3 yrs₹47000₹43000
8B.Tech (Lateral Entry) Information Technology Engineering3 yrs₹47000₹43000
9B.Sc (Non-Medical)3 yrs25,50024500
10M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering2 yrs₹52500₹42500
11M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering2 yrs₹52500₹42500
12M.Tech Information Technology2 yrs₹52500₹42500
13M.Tech Mechanical Engineering2 yrs₹52500₹42500
14BBA3 yrs₹30050 2nd,4th & 6th:₹16,200
3rd & 5th:₹27450
15BCA3 yrs₹300502nd,4th & 6th:₹16,200
3rd & 5th :₹27450
16B.Sc. (Graphics and Web Designing)3 yrs24,35024,300
17B.Com (HONS)3 yrs₹300502nd,4th & 6th:₹16,200
3rd & 5th:₹27450
18BBA (Service Industry Management)3 yrs₹584502nd,4th & 6th:₹28,200
3rd & 5th:₹55850
19Master of Commerce2 yrs₹260502nd & 4th:₹12,200
3rd : ₹23450
20MBA2 yrs₹47000₹43000
21MCA3 yrs₹47000₹43000
22MCA Lateral Entry2 yrs₹47000₹43000
23B. Pharmacy4 yrs₹43500₹38750
24B. Pharmacy (Lateral Entry)3 yrs₹43500₹38750
25Pharma D6 yrs₹75000₹75000
26B.Sc.Biotech3 yrs₹30500₹29500
27M.Sc Biotech2 yrs₹40500₹39500
28M.Pharmaceutics2 yrs₹65500
(1st & 3rd Sem
(2nd & 4th Sem
29M.Pharmacology2 yrs₹65500
(1st & 3rd Sem
(2nd & 4th Sem
30BHMCT (AICTE)4 yrs₹43500₹38750
31BHMCT4 yrs₹30500₹29500
32BTTM4 yrs₹20500₹19500
33B.Sc.HHA3 yrs₹697002nd: ₹47950
3rd : ₹60250
4th : ₹47100
5th: ₹67650
6th : ₹55300
34B.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics4 yr27,50027,500
35Diploma in Food Production1.5 yr₹22900₹22000
36Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery1.5 yr₹22900₹22000
37B.Ed2 yrs₹25,000/ ₹25,000
38Certificate Course in Inclusive Education1 yrs₹15,000/

Hostel Annual Fee

2 Seater3 Seater (N)3 Seater4 Seater

Girl’s Hostel Annual Fee

1 Seater (With attached washroom)2 Seater2 Seater (With attached washroom)4 Seater

Tuition and hostel fees are determined annually, and are subject to change. Chandigarh Group of Colleges reserves the right to amend with prior notice, tuition fees, meals and accommodation fees payable.