What are the best career options after passing Standard XII?

What are the best career options after passing Standard XII?

February 5, 2019

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

Embarking on a path which leads to a bright career in future is not accidental. Choosing the one less traveled or more traveled profusely depends on the understanding of an individual. One has to make a decision whether to pick course A or B, as it will determine their future career prospects. Having said that it is important to remember that selecting a course is not a piece of cake. It requires complete knowledge of what are the different options available in the education sector, especially after passing class XII.
So, swim through the write-up to unravel the best courses for students after 12th standard and let your sail cross through the inherent constraints and reach the Zenith of success.

Selection of the Course Requires no Gleaming Talisman

There is no wand that can guide one on which course to choose, but if one looks the options from different angles, then he or she will get to select the one that can make their dream of becoming successful come true.
Choosing the right course after passing twelfth standard sows the seed of a triumphant career. Half of the battle is won then and there. Nevertheless, this whole process of separating the wheat from chaff requires more than the passion to imbibe education from a reputed college. The students need to be clear with their interest and chalk out the plan to get admission in the college they think is perfectly suited for them and can add momentum to their career journey.
Before, trying to gauge the ways to get enrolled in a recognized college, it will be prudent to take a look at the various courses for 12th passed candidates.
Here, some of the most alluring career options after passing senior secondary education have been discussed:

Bachelor of Technology

B. Tech, the acronym for Bachelor of Technology is one of the most popular choices for the students after 10+2. The amazing career prospects and the enticing job outcomes play a crucial role in its fame. Technically, this Bachelors program is of four years and the students completing this education will receive a Bachelors degree at the end of the program. The focus of the course is to make students proficient in the field of technical advancements. Students who have a keen interest in the world of technology can have a dazzling career after joining this course.
Majorly, B. Tech program has four different streams:

All these four B-Tech programs unfold great opportunities and that is why it is so much in demand and getting enrolled in an engineering college is considered a difficult task.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Commonly known as BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year Bachelor program, which imparts a deep knowledge of business ethics, administration, and skills for running other regulatory systems in an organization. The course offers a complete exposure to the students to learn various business aspects and related methodologies. This course unveils amazing career prospect for those who want to go either in business consulting firms on managerial profiles or want to become an entrepreneur and start their own business.

Bachelor of Biotechnology

Bachelor of Biotechnology, BBio Tech, is a perfect option for those who want to make a career in the science field, without pursuing degrees, such as MBBS, BDS, etc. For the students planning to opt for BBio Tech, there is a wide scope in the field of Pharmacy or Medicine in hospitals, labs, private clinics, and pharmaceutical companies.

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)

Anyone who wants to play with numbers then, one of the best options for them is B.Com (Hons) or Bachelor of Commerce (Hons). After passing high school, students can easily pick the three-year B. Com course and can have a bright career as a Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant in future apart from entry-level jobs in different companies. The course is extensively designed to teach students a plethora of intriguing subjects like Economics, Marketing, Corporate Accounting, Law, Business Environment, etc.
There is no shortage of jobs in this field as every single organization is incomplete without the accounts & finance department. Commerce students have a bright future as an accountant, cost accountant, account executive, stockbrokers, tax consultants, auditors, or other similar profiles in the finance department.

Bachelor of Computer Applications

Popularly known as BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year course that equips students with advanced skills in the field of computer applications/ computer science. Graduates of computer applications program become well-versed in computers to get absorbed on the entry-level positions in an IT company. The job profiles usually served by the students after attaining BCA degree are a computer programmer, programmer analyst, application developer, web programmer etc.

Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology or BHMCT is a four-year program that trains the students to become professionals in the hospitality industry. The job scope in this sector covers an array of services in the food service department, front office, and catering. After becoming a degree holder of BHMCT, an individual can get jobs in hotels, resorts, diverse fast food chains, restaurants, etc.

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management

Also known as BTTM, Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management is an interesting option that students can pursue after 10+2 and end up having a career in the world of Aviation, Tourism, and Travel. This is a four-year degree program that offers students to learn the nitty-gritty of the travel industry. It aims to develop the overall personality of the student in terms of grooming, body language, communication skills, etc.
The various career opportunities in this sector are airlines staff (cabin crew attendants, ground staff), tourism manager, holiday/ travel consultants, transport manager, travel coordinators, ticketing officers, travel agents, and many other interesting jobs.

B. Sc. in Hotel and Hospitality Administration

Bachelor in Hotel and Hospitality Administration is a three-year course that holds a good future for the students who have passed their high school education. The different job profiles that the students can serve after getting this Bachelors degree are profusely in hotel administration, such as front office executive, front office manager, banquet manager, f & b manager, event planners, guest relationship executive, housekeeping manager/ supervisors, etc.

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education or B.Ed is a two-year program, students can opt the field of education as a career. There are lots of job options that could be explored in schools and other educational institutions after acquiring the B.Ed degree.


As evident from the aforementioned courses that there are plenty of career options available for the students after passing standard XII in Science, Commerce, and Arts streams. This means that the aspiring candidates just need to choose the course which they think is best suited for them. It is highly advisable that the candidates select the course with respect to their aptitude and grades, as excelling in a program depends to a great extent on the interest of a student in a particular domain.
Apart from this, the students also need to ascertain that they select the right college for the course that they are planning to pursue. Chandigarh Group of Colleges is the best place to attain a degree after completing senior secondary education. So, get in touch with us to learn more about the courses available in CGC Landran, the most appreciated and famed engineering college in Punjab.