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B-Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering- Course Overview




4 Years



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Electronics and Computer Engineering at CGC Landran not only focuses on the software development but also provides in-depth knowledge on hardware learning aspect. Electronics and Computer Engineering play a very vital role in our lives today and have become an integral part of our system giving us the comfort in enhancing our day to day experience in shaping the convenience of our future in terms of creating new products, solving problems and creating innovative systems that will provide more efficiency at a much faster pace.
The various aspects of modern life- computers, robotics, the internet, digital television, satellites, aerospace, medical scanners, security systems, and sustainable energy have taken a step ahead with the research and development in electronics and communication engineering. The department at CGC has a well equipped, experienced and dedicated faculty to not only complete a set curriculum but deploy skills and encourage research. A total number of 15 labs like Microwave Lab, Signal Systems and MATLAB, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab, Digital ICs Lab, Analog & Digital Communication Lab, Electronic Circuits Lab, B.Tech VLSI Lab, M.Tech VLSI Lab, R&D lab are well equipped with state of the art and high-quality equipment. Each lab has LCD projectors for better teaching and learning practices.
ECE programs along with training on hardware will provide you with knowledge of developing the latest software and its application. These traits will prepare you for a professionally enhanced engineering career in the domain of Electronics and Computer Engineering. Research oriented and professionally driven campus gives overbearing assurance to its students that they’ll come out into the professional world with all the requisite flairs of a highly competent Electronics & Computer Engineer.