Want to know which Engineering Program is the best for you?

Want to know which Engineering Program is the best for you?

June 14, 2019

Very often, students after twelfth standard find themselves muddled in the midst of multiple choices. Although some are definite to go for engineering, the concern of choosing the right program stands in the way. So, what should one do in perplexed instances like this? There are a lot many options and maybe that is the reason behind people getting confused to pick the right one. What’s more concerning is the fact that this problem doesn’t end here. The whole decision-making process can be backbreaking if not done systematically. So, to solve this problem, moving ahead with a definite plan becomes mandatory.

Over the years, Engineering has managed to perch atop of many choices which students with Mathematics and Physics background have. Why? Because it has time and again proved to be a worthy discipline which is succeeded by a promising career. The best engineering colleges in Punjab have repeatedly given credible results. There are innumerable Engineering programs which are more or less sub-streams of a particular sector of Engineering. However, there are four most recompensing engineering programs which include Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT) Engineering. Now, mere knowing the names of the streams cannot, in any way, help the candidates. To deduce a well-researched inference, one needs to thoroughly comprehend all the facts pertaining to each one of the programs. So, let’s know what they have to offer.

Communication has faced an upsurge in recent years. A lot of electronic devices have come up and they all are the contributions of ECE. Very obviously, ECE becomes the study of electrical, electronic and magnetic theory so as to present novel ideas of communication to the world. Similarly, ECE also incorporates the construction of electrical hardware/software, control systems, electronic equipment, electronic communication systems, etc. It was only through this engineering stream that revolutionary ideas of Telecommunication, mobile communication, and satellite communication systems got introduced into the world and the picture got changed ever since. This program has also contributed to the health industry, medical imaging, informatics, scanning, diagnosing and many similar industries.

Future Scope of ECE:

After an ECE degree, one can work on different profiles in the technology industry. Some of the most recompensing positions in ECE include:

Service Engineers: The engineers are responsible for designing, installing and managing equipment related to electronics and communication sector. They are also responsible for maintaining or troubleshooting the problems associated with ECE.

Network Planning Engineers: If internal or external networks of a company are working then it is only due to the efforts of Network Planning Engineers. Under this head, the concerned are responsible for defining and forming the tools for network planning and delivery.

R&D Software engineers: The “R&D” in the job profile stands for Research and Development. As the name says, an R&D software engineer is one who is responsible for digging out new possibilities and coming up with novel software ideas and designs.

Technical directors: Now, this is one job profile which is also present in organizations other than Engineering. Technical Director or Technical Manager is the one who has the highest skills in the respective technical field. For example, the technical director in a football match knows how to maintain the workings of cameras and big screens.

Software Analyst: A software analyst is responsible for studying the software application domain. He/she is also in charge of taking care of software users and their concerns and thereby communicates the demands of the users to the developer.

The list of career opportunities after ECE is infinite, required you have the essential qualification and dedication to undertake the tasks. Furthermore, you can also go for higher education after a B.Tech in ECE. The options for next level studies include MBA, M.Tech, etc.

As the name suggests, Mechanical Engineering is the comprehension, construction, and improvisation of mechanical systems. Being a versatile engineering segment and the broadest of all, it is also known as the mother of engineering. If it wasn’t for this field, we would not have been able to come this far. This engineering stream gave birth to effective transportation systems such as Cars, Buses, Trains, Airplanes, Rockets, etc. The daily use machines such as refrigerators, pumps, power plants, etc are also made by the engineers from this segment of Engineering. Consequently, ME becomes a very remunerative discipline.

Future Prospects of Mechanical Engineering:

After ME one can either go for further studies such as MBA, M. Tech, MA, etc. Furthermore, candidates can easily get absorbed in the professional sector. Some of the career opportunities after B.Tech ME are described below.

CAD Technician: A CAD technician is the one who creates the blueprints of the projects. CAD Technicians are responsible for the creation of electronic versions of the design which are already penned by a draughtsman.

Control and Instrumentation Engineer: Control and Instrumentation Engineers are ones who are fully responsible for designing, developing, managing and maintaining the equipment which is further used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery, and processes.

Consultant/Researcher: Whatever one does, there always remains scope for development and betterment. The consultant or researchers in any of the Engineering fields have the duty to conduct further research related to the already existing machines so as to upgrade them. They are also responsible for bringing fresh ideas to the table.

Maintenance Engineer: Maintenance Engineers are responsible for checking, repairing and maintaining the machines or equipment so that they work smoothly with high efficiency.

There are a plethora of other job opportunities which are subjoined to this field which can only be found by dipping your toes into the program.

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is an engineering field which encompasses numerous topics pertaining to computation including analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, computer software, and hardware. A Computer Science engineer is responsible for maintaining those components which are essential for operating computers.

Future Prospects of CSE:

Although one can definitely go for further studies after CSE, the option to join the professional world remains as well. So, a Computer Science Engineer can become any one of the following:

Software Developer/Programmer: A developer or a programmer is the one who plays a key role in designing, installing, testing and maintaining the software systems.

Design Engineers: Design engineer is one who is responsible for designing new products. He/she has the primary role of understanding the needs and demands of the hour so as to present new effective designs using CAD.

Computer Systems Analyst: since every other office operates with the help of computer systems it becomes very important to keep a check on the working of the computer systems. And this is the job of a computer systems analyst.

Web Developer: The websites which we come across daily have been constructed by web developers. By keeping the needs of users for information-based resources, the web developers create websites which are easy to access.

All in all, Information technology is related to information processing. Under this stream of engineering, the candidates get well-versed with the use of computer or electronic systems in converting, storing, protecting, processing, transmitting and retrieving the information.

Future prospects of Information Technology:

Just like any other engineering branch, the candidates can pick the option of studying further along with having a choice to work in the professional realm. The most rewarding job opportunities which are appended to this vertical are mentioned hereafter.
Database Administrator: Since IT companies are associated with the storing, exchange and retrieving of data/information, it becomes important to assign someone the supervision of all this. So, a Database Administrator does all these things in a particular company.

Database Manager: With the help of numerous computer-based programs and software, the database manager keeps check on a number of databases. Now, the database manager can either be in-house or from a different company.

IT specialist: An IT specialist is one who uses all the technical expertise in implementation, maintenance and supervision of IT systems by keeping specific computer networks and databases in focus.

Industrial Technical Consultant: An Industrial Technical consultant takes care of the business needs of his/her clients. IT technical consultants are responsible for mapping out or setting up of application and additional technology for the clients.

Which engineering branch is the best for you among the aforementioned branches?

By now you might have become very clear about the four most recompensing engineering branches. As there remain 4 options in front of you so you might still be feeling dismayed. But don’t you worry! The answers lie within. There is no doubt that all four of the above are equally fruitful but you have to make a choice as per your area of interest. So, it is recommended to draw the inferences based on what you find interesting.

If you have a strong hold on physics and mathematics and also enjoy learning about machines, you are very likely to become a successful mechanical engineer of tomorrow. Nonetheless, if you are interested in contributing your share to the health sciences while being an engineer, ECE is the option for you. Also, ECE is quite an adventurous journey for those who aspire to present new communication gadgets to the world. Computer Science Engineering can become your choice if you are deep-seated in the Computer systems and their developments. The last but not the least sector-Information Technology is without exception a fairly high-yielding discipline. Those who have leadership skills along with the ability to manage projects, develop software, and problem-solving skills, can surely join the IT sector. Making the best choice is totally up to you but remember one thing that no matter what you choose, make the most out of it. How? The answer is: by choosing the best engineering college in India!