Why should you opt for Mechanical Engineering?

Why should you opt for Mechanical Engineering?

April 3, 2019

Humankind has evolved markedly. Various advancements have harboured its development and Mechanical Engineering falls just right in. If it weren’t for this field, mankind would not have leaped this far. From the formation of the wheels to the manufacturing of the rockets, the significance of the sphere can be witnessed. Consequently, the discipline of mechanical engineering becomes second to none. With the condition that you have passed intermediate with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, choosing a recompensing career path seems tough. Before you actually implement your decisions, you need to put in a lot of research and analysis. Yes, the pressure is real and you don’t want to look naïve but you are right this field of engineering is indeed worthwhile. Giving a rudimentary explanation about the scope of Mechanical Engineering courses won’t do justice to the branch itself, so let’s ponder over the facts.

Overview of the discipline

Mechanical engineering entered the picture as a byproduct of Europe’s industrial revolution in the 18th century. Eventually, this by-product became a domain of its own which gave birth to numerous revolutionary ideas. Mechanical Engineering is a broader realm in itself as it comprises of electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and civil engineering altogether hence it is known as mother branch of engineering, therefore, opening new career paths for the students.

If you are among those who consider machines as the only interest area under Mechanical engineer, you have no idea how wrong you are. There are several niches when we talk about mechanical engineering. The areas of biomedical & engineering fluid mechanics, ground vehicle systems, energy systems, mechanical designs, system dynamics, and transportation systems fall under the head of this engineering segment. In addition to these aforementioned specialties, aerospace and robotics are two such domains which are fastening the pace hence structuring more job profiles for the mechanical engineers.

Relevance of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical is not just a word, it is a kingdom in its own. From private to Government sectors, industries search for befitting engineers. For the overall development of a nation, it needs to have skillful engineers ready. A state’s development is decided by a few key parameters where economics has a lot of gravity. According to an article titled “Why ‘Make In India’ so imperative to India’s Growth” in India Offline, India has set a target for itself where the country desires to increase the contribution of manufacturing output from 16 to 25 % (of GDP) till 2025 reference. As Mechanical field caters to the production & manufacturing within a nation, it becomes one of the deciding factors.

India is aiming for the moon; it is on the track of becoming a country par excellence. Nation’s endeavor to top the charts has enthralled a great many people pertinent to various areas. Under the scheme ‘Make in India’, those skills which are germane to manufacturing are being cultured. Realizing that in order to develop as a nation, the engineers of the nation need to be ready. The country accentuated the need of the hour and bought millions of opportunities abreast. This whole paradigm has heated up the industry and created more demands for mechanical engineers thus making it a repaying discipline.

When a nation presents the data or a report on any topic, it doesn’t gain much confidence but when the global ranking agencies bring the possibilities in the forefront, masses find more credence among them. The 2016 report named Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index rankings by country conducted by Deloitte put forth the projection that India in all likelihood will move up 6 places in the chart of manufactures by 2020. Evidently, the manufacturing sector is certainly going to expand and mechanical engineers are going to become coveted.

Certainly, the world is gearing up for sustainable options and innovative ideas are in demand. B. Tech mechanical engineering is one such field which can religiously serve to the present day needs. By tapping those areas of the discipline which have the potential to revolutionize the world, the degree creates fantastic engineers. Automation is so in trend nowadays that various new researches are being conducted through which new possibilities of the area are reckoned. If new arenas get established, new personnel become prerequisite.

Shape the future

For skillful candidates, nothing is far away. Ascertaining a brighter future becomes quite easy when your skills are polished up. One might think that though there are about 6000 Mechanical Engineering colleges in India yet the industries have a dearth of deserving personnel. The adamant educational structure has created many loopholes within its own model. The theoretical knowledge is more ignited than the practical one and this aspect widens the gap between the job opportunities and qualified candidates.

Assuming that you are all convinced for opting mechanical engineering (by this time, we know you are) but the next thing is to find out a prestigious college so as to give wings to your thoughts. While it seems a tough call, the selection of a good institute is not that strenuous. Those colleges which have made more of its candidates job-ready are the colleges which meet the industry standards; it is as easy as that. Just contemplate their past results and let the results speak for them.

All being said and done, the increment in the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), the mechanical industry is observing an upsurge. Not only in India but also in nations like the USA, this discipline is serving a great many prospects. A 2008 report on the Global Summit on the future of Mechanical Engineering by ASME extrapolated that by 2028 mechanical engineering will be in its full glory and will exhibit ideas for sustainable development. So, the crux of the matter is that mechanical engineering is a highly remunerative field where wealth and experience come in handy.