IEDC with DST Support

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center

IECD—which expands to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center—was incepted in the year 2014 after a five-year association with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, Government of India. With a lifework to develop an institutional mechanism to create an entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions and therefore foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship among the faculty and students, this department has been diligently working ever since.

For IEDC, DST approved a grant of Rs. 45.30 Lac under which it can make innovative projects! Students with ideas extraordinary receive a sum amount of Rs. 100000 using which they can transform them into reality. In just six years of its institution, the college has come up with a sweeping number of 25 projects! Furthermore, students have—with this program’s aim—filed 15 patents.

List of IEDC funded projects (2018-19)
  • Farmer Relief System
  • Autonomous plant maintainer using IOT Augmentation
  • Refrigerator Door Opening System
  • Fuel Adulteration Detection System
List of IEDC funded projects (2017-18)
  • UVS (Ultimate Vehicle Security)
  • WDC (Water Distribution & Conservation System)
  • Advanced early flood warning device
  • Hybrid Drone
  • ODL(Object Detection & Location)
List of IEDC funded projects (2016-17)
  • Rawlk-Raw milk purifier
  • Solar-powered air purifier based on a catalytic converter
  • Smart safety system
  • Electro tiles
List of IEDC funded projects (2015-16)
  • Metro management project
  • Wireless electricity
  • Separate lubrication system for the turbocharger
  • Intelligent stick for blind and deaf
List of IEDC funded projects (2014-15)
  • PIC microcontroller based greenhouse automation system
  • Solar travel pack inverter free AC solar supply
  • Design of central control unit for irrigation motor pumps
  • Head motion-controlled wheelchair
  • Pneumatic car lift