Things you should do while Joining Engineering College in India

Things you should do while Joining Engineering College in India

September 18, 2019

Engineering is one such discipline that has become the undisputed king of career choices in the education sphere. Due to its promising career scope and bright future, a lot of Engineering Colleges in India have entered the arena. Many students clear engineering exams but what really escapes their mind is that only cramming and swallowing the theory won’t do them any good. There is a lot more to it.

Engineering, for some, can be all work and labor but for those who do things in a joyful manner, engineering can surprisingly be very involving domain. The mantra to live life to the fullest—while ensuring a bright future—is to know the things beforehand. Likewise, there are some things that should always be reckoned prior to the actual action. Those who are yet to become part of an engineering college, we’ve got a list of things that you need to know before joining them.

1. Explore other options: It never hurts to know a few things more and hence, digging more options should be an option! You are in the engineering stream, right? But wouldn’t it be great to know a little more than other engineering students. You can add some more specializations to your skillset, as well. So, you can learn computer languages, web development & designing, Java or you can work as freelancers, etc. Besides all the mentioned activities, you can explore sports, dance, recreational activities, theatre, etc.

2. Lead the way: Taking initiatives reflects a positive attitude. If you have been the guy (or gal) next door, stop being so, instead, starting leading the game; engineering demands it. To save you from future regret, we would like to share this.

3. A fresh take on things: Have a fresh take on what can be done, how the problems can be solved, etc. In theory and in practice, there is more than one way to do things. And those who choose the road less traveled become the pioneers–the innovators.

4. Stay active, stay curious: Don’t be the laggards who follow the instructions of the leaders, instead make your own opinion. Stay active and know what is going on around you, around the campus, and even around the world for it will help you in widening your horizon. Speak more often. Interact with teachers and other intellectuals and you will witness your ideas developing. This will help you in your job and even in your life.

5. Practice makes perfection: Okay, you are not so good at something. No problem! It is just practice which you lack. Don’t lose hope instead work hard and repeat the process until you reach the zenith. Any subject, any topic or any practical which you are failing, needs nothing but your determination. The more you practice, the better you become at it. Afterall perfection is nothing but continuous development.

6. Keep track of your attendance: Attendance matters. Some colleges condone your short attendance while others debar you from sitting in the examinations (Not literally, though). We understand that a part of you is like a spoilt brat but don’t be carried away; you need to be more sensible and mature. Attending lectures is important because no matter how boring they seem, they always have something or the other which you can learn and take home. Don’t think you are doing a favor by attending them, be a part of the lectures because they are going to guide you.

7. Work on your portfolio: Everybody will tell you that you need to focus on theory and marks but your portfolio needs more. It doesn’t mean that it needs decoration or adorning but it needs detailing. And the experience is that detail. Experience is the first thing companies or employers refer to while shortlisting candidates for jobs. So, make sure that during your vacation or free time you undergo paid or unpaid internships.

8. Become multi-tasking: The aforementioned points sure make you scratch your head and question “How am I supposed to do everything?” Well, there are two answers: Multitasking and time management. You need to have proper time management. If you are really determined to become an engineer, you need to know that time is always going to run faster for you.

9. Practical classes do matter: Gone are the days when the theory was sufficient for filling jobs. Nowadays, practical knowledge is what helps you land in the job areas. Furthermore, Engineering is like literal practical. You can only write down formula but it is the practice that’s going to shape things, right? So, the crux: Practical classes need not be missed, period!

10. International Exposure: Go global if you can. The current professional demands the best candidates to subsume every experience available. Going international is one of them. There are various competitions which are held on the international levels and they are of great value. Having them mentioned on your résumé can earn you not only respect but also a very remunerative placement.

Keynote: Clearly, some of the things that need to be done at your end while the rest need to be done at the college’s end. All these points which we have jotted down are those which people don’t talk about. Nobody is going to tell you, “Yes, you need to lead the way” or “Getting international exposure is a direct pass to the bright and successful future.” Only and only if you take the best institute you can go that extra mile. Consequently, you need to do two things on your own: find one of the Best Engineering Colleges in Punjab which provides all the options and get yourself enrolled. We want you to leave college with a huge success and good memories Cheerios!