Steps to choose the right Institution for your Professional Education

Steps to choose the right Institution for your Professional Education

January 4, 2021

Decisiveness can often be challenged, especially when there are plenty of options to choose from. We know that students who have just concluded their schooling education can relate to this statement more than anyone else. For students who are meandering and still figuring out a reliable medium helping them to pick the right college, this article might do the needful.

All disciplines have different programs and colleges to search for. Say, if you have completed your intermediate in Science stream and wish to pursue B.Tech, you might go looking for the Best Engineering Colleges in India. So, this starts the process of choosing the right institution for one’s professional education.

The following steps can help you pick the right college:

Choose your degree: To initiate your hunt for the best college, start by tracking down your interests. When it comes to a discipline, there are scores of subjects that one has to study. Though under the same discipline yet the subjects vary and so do our interests. We might have a better inclination for a particular subject.

This classification brings us closer to choosing the right degree. Search for the programs available in the field you are interested in. Out of them, sieve out the better optionsdepending on the nature of the program, the future scope, and the duration, compare and go for the best option.

Search for Colleges: Once you have chosen a degree, the next thing you need to do is to know which colleges offer the same program. The easiest way out is to go online to figure it out. Since there is no dearth of information on the internet, you can have a complete know-how of what different colleges have to offer.

To narrow down your search, you can be more specific. For example, if you have selected a BCA degree for pursuit then you need to look up the Best BCA Colleges in India or any other location you want to study in. Shortlist the colleges with approvals and affiliations: As soon as you click the ‘search’ button after typing best colleges in India, you’d be presented with a never-ending list of colleges (yes, thanks to the internet!). While some colleges deserve to be put under this title, a lot of others are also listed so we have to be careful while choosing the right one as we cross-check the claimed credentials.

For a college to be crowned as good, certain standards should be met. And the most important one is getting approvals from the regulatory bodies. So, filter out the colleges which are affiliated with recognized universities.

Also, it is an era where a lot of bogus institutes function, and so, find out if the institute, as well as the program, has been approved by the associated organization or has the requisite affiliation. For instance, B.Pharm is the degree you have fixed your mind on. So, here you need to see if the college offering this degree has been approved by the Pharmacy Council of India or not.

Going with a college approved by and affiliated with a reputed body has more weightage. But even after striking off the names of colleges without approvals/affiliations, there would still be a surfeit of colleges. And this brings us to our next step.

Pick a geographical area: Since our search for the right college covers the whole nation, we have several options remaining. However, to be more precise, select the geographical area where you want to study. You need to separate those colleges and the names which fall in your selected area. This will leave you with limited options.

Ranking, awards, and laurels: When you have applied all of the aforementioned filters, segregating the details becomes easier. Nonetheless, it still demands research. The colleges that you have now selected must be studied completely and this task demands time & energy.

Here, the best way to know about these colleges is to have a glance at the pass out student testimonials —their awards and laurels. See which awarding bodies have recognized them. One thing that sure will help you sort things out is the number of awards by the most authenticated bodies won by the colleges. Select the top three.

Weigh up the placement opportunities: Last but not the least, placement opportunities. Placements become the deciding point while choosing the right college. Out of the selected three colleges; watch out for the institute with the most impressive placement record.

Pay special attention to the number of placement offers the college has received and what was the highest package so far. Although it goes without saying, take note of their top recruiters. Make sure to know which companies from your field come to recruit students. Let’s assume, you are planning to go with a Hotel Management Course, and looking at the placement opportunities. Here, you need to specifically see which Hotels and restaurant chains source talent from the Institute.

Coming back to the point, go with the college that has the best placement opportunities, have reputed companies coming to the campus and programs to hone-up your overall skills! Conclusion: Just like every other decision-making process, this too has steps but depending on your circumstances, they can vary. Most of the students find it difficult to start this process, but with this blueprint, a lot of trouble can be saved. Consequently, make sure to examine your options before taking the final step. College education demands a hefty amount of money, so make sure you get maximum return on investment. Good luck!