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The best B.Ed college in Punjab, India

CGC Landran becomes the best B.Ed colleges in Punjab, India with the incorporation of unequaled facilities. With affiliation from Punjabi University, Patiala, it offers a two-year B.Ed program. Following the norms and criteria of the university, the program enables the students to tap into the different aspects and approaches of teaching. Woven around the concepts of teaching, its methods, and its significance, the program attempts to prepare brilliant future teachers.

One of the Top B.Ed Colleges in India

The program merges the practical and theoretical aspects of the discipline to throw light on the holistic concept of teaching. By inciting the young minds to advance in the field, the program strives to bring innovative teaching methods on the forefront.

Largely, the aim of the B.Ed course is to unveil the concepts of teaching so as to provide an insight of the profession. Besides this, the program also aims:

  • To instill the teaching psychology into the future tutors.
  • To engage the B.Ed students in extensive brainstorming and research so that new and effective methods of teaching can be infused into the field.
  • To help students in assimilating the functions, roles, and responsibilities of the teachers.
  • To encourage students in analyzing different teaching environment and finding out the loopholes with the aim of finding solutions.

B. Ed degree program is essential for all those who aspire to teach students of the secondary and higher level. With this degree, the candidates would not only be entitled to become teachers but would also be able to comprehend various teaching methods. Teaching is not as easy as it seems, it demands full research, confidence, and valor to stand up to a class of inquisitive students. Upon the completion of the program, the candidates would be able to do all of the above. Candidates will also learn the ways in which healthy teacher-student relationships can be maintained.

As teaching is one of the oldest occupations, it has a lot of career scope. After B.Ed, the candidates can either go for the Government or private sector. B. Ed degree ascertains a spot in secondary and higher schools. The candidates also become qualified to start their own educational centres. B. Ed qualifies the candidates to become Teachers, counselors, content writers, educational researchers, consultants and many more.

Duration:-Two years.

Eligibility:-To seek admission at CGC Landran one must possess a 3 year bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized University. Admission to the Bachelor of Education course is completely based on merit in the qualifying exam with eligibility criteria of 50 % for general category and 45 % for SC/ST/OBC category as per conditions laid down by NCTE, Delhi.
The college has a total of 100 seats out of which 85% are reserved for students having Punjab domicile and 15% are for students from other states. Out of the 85% Punjab quota 15% are reserved for the management. Thus 13 seats are kept aside for the management to be filled as per the defined norms and conditions.

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The provision of unmatched facilities under different programs has helped the college reach the zenith of heights. Owing to this, CGC got awarded ‘Excellence in Innovation & Research 2019, ’Most Innovative Engineering College 2019’, and got recognized as ‘The most innovative Engineering college 2019’.

These programs render the basic assistance to make the candidates industry-ready. Rigorous training sessions, 360-Degree development and Interview cracking sessions further polish the candidates for sure-shot placements. Building careers and transforming lives are intrinsic to every program.

More than 620 companies visit the campus annually intending to recruit young inquisitive minds. Different sorts of training and development programs are advanced by the college to help students aim for the bull’s eye.

CGC, Landran gives students the liberty to go international. Different international programs are offered by the college such as Summer school, International training, Semester Exchange, and Higher Education opportunities, which help students connect with the world.