Wi-Fi Connectivity in Campus

Wi-Fi Campus

Wi-Fi Campus

E classroom / E Books

For the tech savvy lovers of the age, we bring a distinct way of learning. To go beyond the prescribed syllabus and explore in the spacious e-classrooms and modern teaching aids like LCD, NPTEL video courses, multi media projectors, etc. they also help in serving as a medium for conducting seminars, technical quizzes and paper presentation contests.

Stay informed anywhere

Imagine going back to a classroom and re reading the white board to recollect information you were taught the day before, seems next to impossible! We, at CGC, Landran lay emphasis on providing resources that can lead to access of information anywhere in the campus with a High speed Internet connectivity of 200Mbps 1:1 and a backbone of dedicated OFC link throughout the campus.

Microsoft over notebooks

We go beyond self motives and pay special attention to the mother earth. While internet access is available everywhere in the campus, the usage of paper is reduced by increasing the access to emails, projects, preparing presentations and using various Microsoft instead of the notebook.

World Wide information

Information across the globe is collected in one place- the internet. We aim at utilizing it to our best abilities by availing our students the access to information across the globe.

Technical aid

To stay technically sound is perhaps the need of the hour, for students as well as teachers. We, CGC, Landran fail to compromise on staying on the front and upgraded. The coverage of Wi-Fi is not restricted to classrooms only but also extends to common areas like Auditorium, Library, Cafeteria, Guest House, Sports Complex and Hostels.