React JS

The main objective of React JS training is to create smaller components to build Interactive User interfaces.

The main goal is to build large-scale high-performance applications with smaller and reusable stateful components

B. Tech 4th semester Students

Last Updated Fri, 12-July-2022 English
What Will I Learn?
  • React JS Course equips the learner for developing a single-page or mobile applications and creates reusable components for web pages and mobile applications.

Course Coordinator Details

Mr. Neeraj Sharma


Curriculum For This Course
  • Packages manager (npm and yarn),
    Webpack, Babel JSX elements,
    Class Based Components,
    Functional Components,
    State and Props,
    Life cycle Hooks,
    API testing (Postman tool),
    GIT version control basics,
    Pagination Sorting and Searching on table data,
    Routing using React Router DOM,
    Browser Router,
    URL parameters and Query String
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