Education of Children with Special Needs in Inclusive Set up

The course is exclusive as it covers all the components of inclusive education with innovative strategies and approaches with case studies and teaching formats the teachers can use in the classroom

Teacher Educators, School teachers and Administrators, Teacher Education programme students

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What Will I Learn?
  • Demonstrate an understanding of inclusive education with reference to children with disabilities and its importance
  • Know the journey of inclusive education at the international and national (India) level and specifically know the Rights of persons with disabilities Act (2016) in India and its implementation in schools
  • Plan and design the inclusive lessons based on the concept and principles of Universal Design for learning
  • Examine the Roles and Responsibilities of school personnel for collaboration in inclusive school
  • Develop an Inclusive school programme model based on comprehensive school reform.

Course Coordinator Details

Ms. Gurpreet Walia, Assistant Professor ,Chandigarh College of Education


Curriculum For This Course
Week 1
  • C o n c e p t o f i n c l u s i v e education, need of Inclusive education, major milestone of inclusive education at International and National (India) level, Rights of Persons with disabilities act, 2016 for education of children with disabilities in India.
  • Meaning and principles of U n i v e r s a l d e s i g n o f learning, strategies and techniques to teach the children with diverse needs in inclusive classrooms, accommodations given by education boards for children with disabilities
  • Role of various professionals and collaborations for inclusive education, Comprehensive School Reform and Inclusive School Programme.
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