Digital Marketing for all Disciplines

Digital Marketing is an ideal choice for candidates who wish to join in the success of the Internet by starting up their own business. Such candidates must be able to research on the successful businesses online and devise a concrete strategy before investing any finances in starting their own business.

MBA, BBA, B.Com, M.Com

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What Will I Learn?
  • Understanding of the key concepts and trends associated with Digital Marketing & Internet Technologies.
  • Hands on familiarity with the leading tools and techniques used in the customer– facing aspects of Digital Marketing & Internet Technologies.
  • Conceptual and practical education in the best practices used by industry leaders to produce superior business results in the management of Digital Marketing & Internet Technologies.

Course Coordinator Details

Dr. Kismat Kaur (


Curriculum For This Course
Week 1
  • An Introduction to Digital Marketing, Types of Digital Marketing, Career opportunities in Digital Marketing, Selection of Website topic
  • What is domain name, How to register domain name, How to select domain name, Premium Domain names, What is web hosting?, Types of web hosting: Linux & Windows OS, Web hosting packages, Web hosting hardware
  • What is web space, and how much do I need?, Data Transfer & Bandwidth, Virtual Servers & Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Business Hosting, Reseller Accounts, Setup and monthly costs, cPanel, WHM panel, Money back guarantees, Free trials, Creating a backup of website, directory or hosting account?, Create & Remove an Addon Domain?
  • Create an Addon Domain Redirection? Park a domain?, Redirect a web site or web page to another web site or web page?, Create & Remove a Subdomain?, Web Hosting Selection & Registration, Demonstration of Keyword researching tools, Traffic Travis, Other online tools
  • Introduction, Key terms and concepts, Web design, Web development, Step by step guide to building a website in Wordpress, What is Payment Gateway, Integrating Payment gateway with the website
  • Installation and Dashboard, Posting, Editing Posts and Tags And Categories, Links, Pages and Comments, Themes and Adding Themes, Widgets, Editors and Adding Plugins, Tools and Users, General and Writing, Reading and Discussion, Permalinks and Media, Use of Visual Composer & its elements
  • Use of Visual Composer & its elements…Contd, All in One SEO pack, Google Analytics plugin installation, Installing WooCommerce, Default WooCommerce Pages, Products, Product Categories & Images, Woo Commerce Settings & Shop Page Layouts
  • Shop Page Shortcodes & WooCommerce Widgets, Digital Downloads, Flat‐Rate Shipping, Woo Themes or Other Theme?, Advanced Shipping, Shipping Classes, Bulk Product Editing, Taxes & Tax Classes, Coupons, Order Management & Reporting, Inventory Management, Product Reviews, Woo Commerce User Roles
  • What Is Search Engine Optimisation?, How Search Engines Work, Ranking Factors, SEO Periodic Table, Website Architecture, Managing Spiders/Robots, Rewriting Pages, Rancking Factors Continued….Content Drafting
  • Guessing the Google Algorithm, SE‐Specific Ranking, Ranking Indicators, SEO Tools, IBP SEO Analysis Software, Traffic Travis SEO Analysis, Originality & Fresh Content, Writing for Humans, SEO Analysis , Images Optimization, Title, Desc, H1 and On page factors
  • Off-Page Factors, Understanding Off Page SEO, Right and Wrong Ways to Link , What is an Authority Site?, TrustRank and Worthless Links, Quality Directories, Performing Search Engine Optimisation, Ethics in SEO, Planning the SEO Process, Site Audit
  • Search Engine Marketing, An Introduction, Key terms and concepts, Advertising in search, The elements of a search ad, Targeting options, Bidding and ranking for search ads, Tracking, Use of Google Ads Editor to Manage Your Ads and Keywords, What Is Pay-per-Click?, Planning and setting up a search advertising campaign, Tools of the trade, Advantages and challenges, Paid Placement vs Unpaid Links, The Benefits of PPC in the Purchase Phase, Using PPC for the Three Basic Types of Searches
  • Setting up PPC Campaign, Google Ads Acronyms, How Your Ads Are Distributed: Search Network vs Content Network, Set Up the Search and Content Networks, Keyword Research, Trademarks and Keywords, Negative Keywords, How Many Keywords Can You Have?, Creating the Ad Groups, Naming the Ad Groups, Writing the Ads
  • What about Your Competitors’ Bids?, The Quality Score, The Ad Rank Score, Manual Bid, Automated Bid Management, What Is the Best Position for Your Ads?
  • Social Media Channels, Introduction, Key terms and concepts, Social media channels & Social networks, Content creation, Location and social media, Tracking social media campaigns, Social media marketing: Rules of engagement, Tools of the trade, Advantages and challenges
  • What is Facebook Marketing, Overview & Why Facebook?, Get to know the admin panel, Creating Business Page, Setting up Ad Campaign, Targeting Audience, Campaign Types, Budgeting and Lifetime Budgeting, Image Optimization, Image checking tool etc.
  • Email Marketing, Introduction, Key terms and concepts, Email strategy and planning, Stepbystep process, Tools of the trade, Advantages and challenges, E‐mail marketing innovation, Solving the SPAM problem, Rich media e‐mails, Enewsletters
  • Web Analytics, Introduction, Basic Analytics and Why Analytics?, Now That We Have Analytics, What Do We Do With Them?, Analytics and AWStats, AWStats Dashboard, Summary, Days and Hours, Countries, Hosts, Visits Duration
  • Pages‐URL, Operating Systems and Browsers, Key Words and Key Phrases, Setting Up Google Analytics, Analytics Settings, Website Profiles, Adding a Profile, Checking Status, Editing a Profile, Deleting a Profile, Access Management, Adding a User, Setting User Permissions, Deleting a User, Filtering Your Data, Understanding Goal Setting
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics) Contd..: Why Set Goals?, Google Ads Integration, Why Google Analytics with Google Ads?, The Reporting Dashboards, Who Should Use This View, Absolute Unique Visitors, Visitor Loyalty, Keyword Specific Testing etc
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