Advanced course on Python with Business Intelligence

Python is widely used by companies in almost all domains like healthcare, banking ,insurance, business management etc.

Management & Commerce students, research scholars and programmers who need to understand advanced concepts available through Python’s libraries.

Last Updated Fri, 12-July-2022 English
What Will I Learn?
  • Develop solutions to simple computational problems using Python programs.
  • Adequately use standard programming constructs: repetition, selection, composition, modules & aggregated data.
  • Develop Python programs by defining functions and calling them.
  • Identify and repair coding errors in a program.
  • Use Python lists, tuples and dictionaries for representing compound data
  • Understand and use object based software concepts.
  • Develop Python programs using files.

Course Coordinator Details

Ms. Manisha Aujla (


Curriculum For This Course
Module 1
  • Day 1: Introduction to Python Programming
    Day 2: Theoretical Exercises based on the above module
    Day 3: Basics of Python
    Day 4: Exercises based on Basics of python
    Day 5: Python program flow
    Day 6: Exercises based on Program flow
    Day 7: Python functions
    Day 8: Exercises based Python functions
    Day 9: Python classes: New Style Classes, Creating Classes and Instance Methods
    Day 10: Exercises based on class concepts
  • Day 11: OOPs using Python
    Day 12: Exercises based on OOPs concepts
    Day 13: Python generators and iterators and Data Compression
    Day 14: Exercises based on Generators and Iterators
    Day 15: Python modules: Introduction and working of modules, Matplotlib, Numpy & Pandas
    Day 16: Exercises based on Python Modules
    Day 17: Advanced operations in Python
    Day 18: Exercises based on Advanced Operations
    Day 19: Python file handling
    Day 20: Exercises Based on File Handling
  • Day 21: Data visualisation using Python
    Day 22: Exercises based on Data Visualization
    Day 23: Optimization strategies in Python
    Day 24: Exercises based on Optimization strategies in python
    Day 25: Use of Python in BI- I
    Day 26: Exercises based on Business Intelligence
    Day 27: Use Of Python In BI- II: BI Implementation in an SME
    Day 28: Exercises based on Business Intelligence
    Day 29 Real Time Examples Of Applications Of BI: Introduction to NYSHEX
    Day 30: Case studies on Business Intelligence + practice sessions + Doubts
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