Advance in Manufacturing (CNC Machining & 3D Printing)

The purpose of this module is to provide the candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge on how to generate an part program for CNC. First module will help the candidates to generate an part program for industrial components. Second module will be focus on practical project marking on CNC machine.

B.Tech Students

Last Updated Fri, 13-July-2022 English
What Will I Learn?
  • Participant will able to generate part program and run on CNC machine

Course Coordinator Details

Dr. Manjit Singh, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department

Curriculum For This Course
  • Theoretical Inputs:
    1. Introduction to CNC machine
    - Comparison with conventional machines
    - CNC – Industry Perspective
    - CNC – Operators’ Perspective
    2. Knowing the machine (Using Simulator)
    - Review of basic engineering concepts
    - Co-ordinate systems (Absolute and Relative)
    - G-codes and M-codes
    - Basics of ED and Measurement
    - Understanding the structure of a NC program
    - Detailed programming
    - Tooling knowledge (Different tools, Insert designation)
    - Work Offset and Tool Offset
    - Machine modes – MDI, EDIT, SBK, ZRN,
    - Override functions
Practical Inputs:
  • 1. Setting up the machine
    - Perform maintenance
    - Starting and referencing the machine
    - Understanding the job that is to be made through drawings
    - Selecting the work piece, tools and measuring instruments
    2. Job Making (CNC/ 3D Printing)
    - Setting up the work piece
    - Setting up the tools (Offset, wear and compensation)*
    - Defining Work offset
    - Program input (manually or through an electronic device)
    - Dry run
    - Performing the operations and inspection
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