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  • Weekly International Cuisines Workshops
    Variety is the spice of life. Learn how to cook up their most famous flavorsome favorite international dishes, easy-to-make dishes in summer school cooking classes led by their prominent chefs offline. When food is your love language, some secrets are too good not to share.
    English Beginner
  • Weekly Mocktails and shakes workshop
    Learn how to create flavorful and sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks for entertaining and everyday enjoyment. Try new flavor combinations while we discuss the art of making drinks, syrups, infusions, and edible garnishes.
    English Beginner
  • Weekly workshops on Bakery and confectionery
    Bakery is an art and science. A baker can prepare different products from the same ingredients by using different methods. Bakery & Confectionery Products ranging from Breads, morning bakeries, pastries, chocolates, cookies, Breads and Cakes, Morning Bakery’s and Variants, pastries and variants.
    English Beginner
  • Weekly Regional cuisines workshops
    On the basis of national, state or local regions regional cuisines are based .These cuisines also differ on the basis of food availability and trade, changing climates, cooking practices and cultural differences .Some cuisines are also known by their geographical areas and regions of origin
    English Beginner