A complete master course on communication skills’–The secret to success

We are offering you an advanced soft-skills training to help you to become more competent and confident by connecting your strengths and skills to future employment opportunities. This course will help you understand more about soft skills, be able to identify your own unique qualities and understand ways to strengthen those qualities.


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What Will I Learn?
  • To understand the role of communication in personal & professional success.
  • To demonstrate his/her ability to write error free while making an optimum use of correct Business Vocabulary & Grammar.
  • To participate in an online learning environment successfully by developing the implication-based understanding of personality development.
  • To get inculcated with workplace communication etiquettes and get groomed for Job interviews.
  • To demonstrate his/her verbal and non-verbal communication ability through presentations by understanding how to deliver technology oriented presentations and financial business presentations.
  • To understand how to use our voice as a communication tool.

Course Coordinator Details

Ms. Gagandeep Bhullar


Curriculum For This Course
Module 1
1 Lessons
    • Introduction to Communication
    • a)Types of Communication
    • b)Modes of Communication
    • c)Barriers to Communication
    • d)Styles of Communication
    • e)Body language - The ultimate tricky body language!
    • Listening skills: The ultimate business communication!
    • a) Difference between Listening and hearing
    • b) How to listen effectively- Process & Barriers
    • c)Tips to become an effective listener
    • d)Listen for gist and respond
    • e)Listen for detail using keywords to extract specific meaning
    • f)Listen in a simple exchange and in an everyday context with another
    • Speaking Skills: How to be a great Conversationalist
    • a) Using your voice as a communications tool
    • b) Communication skills for introducing yourself
    • c)Phonetics- Art of Prounciation
    • d )Conquering your Public speaking fear!
    • Workplace communication Etiquttes
    • a)How to speak up at meetings?
    • B)Asking questions the right way
    • c) using notes the right way
    • d) Exude confidence
    • e)End with a positive context
    • f) Telephone business communication skills
    • Business Writing skills -
    • a) How to write an effective mail ?
    • B)Write to impress
    • c)The formula for writing success
    • d)Crafting powerful writing
    • e)How to write a cover letter?
    • f) Resume Writing g) Nuances of Effective Writing- Grammar & vocabulary
    • Presentation Skills:
    • a) Use of power point for communication
    • b) Communication skills for technology presentations
    • c) Financial business communication skills
    • PD & Grooming
    • A)Handshakes ,Greetings and Hellos with poise
    • b)Making sure your clothes are communicating a positive story
    • c)Networking like a pro and not a wall flower
    • Business communication skills for Job interviews -
    • a)Establishing your job interview goals
    • b)Research and preparation for job interview
    • c)How to dress for the interview
    • d)The proper job interview mindset
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