Sno.Name of the JournalTitle of paperAuthor(s)National / Inter NationalVolume/IssuePage no.Month/Year
1IJATCAReview on facial Emotion RecognitionDr.Rohit BajajInternationalVolume 1,issue 148-51Feb-15
2IJATCAReview on Multimodel Biometric fusionDr.Rohit BajajInternationalVolume 1 Issue 144-47Feb-15
3IJARCETA Survey on Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Network with Genetic AlgorithmDr.Rohit BajajInternationalVol-4,Issue-31050-1053Mar-15
4IJCAReview on Localization Techniques in Wireless Sensor NetworksDr.Rohit BajajInternationalVol-116,Issue-2Apr-15
5IJCAReview on Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor NetworksDr.Rohit BajajInternationalVol-116,Issue-2May-15
6IJCSEITRA Review on Optimal Methods for iris RecognitionGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVol. 4, Issue 51-8Aug-14
7IJECSComprehensive Review of Space Wave Optical LinkGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVolume 3 Issue 76852-6854Jul-14
8IJARCCEPrediction Model for Influenza Epidemic Based on Twitter DataGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVol. 3, Issue 77541-7545Jul-14
9IJCETA Review on Mobile Adhoc Network and Routing ProtocolsGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVol.4, No.42338-2341Aug-14
10IJCSEITRA Unique Biometric Combination of IRIS and Textual Password using ICAGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVol. 4, Issue 549-56Aug-14
11IARCSSEDetection and Optimization Techniques against Sybil Attack on MANETGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVol. 4, Issue 8369-375Aug-14
12IJHITStatistical Test based Comparison of Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio NetworkGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVol.7, No. 5295-304Aug-14
13IJCNWMCAn Advance Algorithm for Precision Agriculture using Wireless Sensor NetworkGangneet Singh AuljaInternationalVol.4, Issue 41-10Aug-14