Sno.Name of FacultyTitle of PaperName of JournalEvent Attended (Conference, Paper Presentation)National /InternationalVol. No.Issue No.Page No.ISSN/ISBNSCI/ScopusDate of Publication
1Dr. L.C. SingalMagnetic Refrigeration – A Boon For The Coming GenerationsSSRGNANationalNANANANANAJune 2016
2Dr. Sanjeev KumarMachining performance of cryogenically treated Ti–5Al–2.5Sn titanium alloy in electric discharge machining: A comparative studyIMECHE Part CNAInternationalNANANANANAJan-16
3Dr. Sanjeev KumarStudy the effect of black layer on electrode wear ratio in powder mixed electric discharge machining of titanium alloysInt. J. Machining and Machinability of MaterialsNAInternationalNANANANANAJun-16
4Dr. Sanjeev KumarAnalysis of Cutting Forces of the Lathe Tool DynamometerInternational Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology [IJIERT]NAInternationalNANANANANANOV.-2015
5Dr. Sanjeev KumarInvestigations on Effect of Electrode Polarity on Machining Performance of Ti-5Al-2.5Sn Alloy using Electric Discharge Machining ProcessAdvanced Materials ResearchNANationalNANANANANAMay-16
6Dr. Sanjeev KumarMachining performance of cryogenically treated Ti–5Al–2.5Sn titanium alloy in electric discharge Machining: A comparative studyProc IMechE Part C:J Mechanical Engineering ScienceNAInternationalNANANANANAJan-16
7Dr. Sandeep JindalDetermination Of Weld Bead Geometry Parameters For Submerged Arc Welding Of Api 5l X65IJSEMTNAInternationalNANANANANAOctober 2016
8Mr. Rajan GargDesigning & Modeling Of 3 – Way Catalytic Converter In A Two Stroke S.I Engine.”IJRnDESMNAInternationalNANANANANAApril/May-2016
9Mr. Rajan GargImproving The Efficiency Of Catalytic Converter By Reduction In Cold Start Emission: A Solution.”IJRnDESMNAInternationalNANANANANAApril/May-2016
10Dr. Satish KumarSolar Stills – A ReviewIJEMRNAInternationalNANANANANAJune 2016
11Mr. Anikate GuptaHybrid Approach for Computational Fluid DynamicsIJTENAInternationalNANANANANAMay-16
12Mr. Anikate GuptaOptimization of Process Parameters to Achieve Nano Level Surface Quality on PolycarbonateIJCANAInternationalNANANANANAFeb-16
13Mr. Avtar SinghInfluence Of Welding Parameters On Bead Geometry In Stainless Steel Cladding Using Submerged Arc Welding ProcessIJEMRNAInternationalNANANANANAJune2016
14Mr. Daljinder SinghExperimental Study of Machining Characteristics of C 45 Steel using Electro Discharge MachiningIJCETNAInternationalNANANANANAFeb-16
15Mr. Dilpreet Singh SandhuComparative Studies On Tensile And Impact Properties Of 20 Mm Thick AISI Ss304 Sma And Gma Butt Welded JointsIJEMRNAInternationalNANANANANAMay 2016
16Mr. Gagandeep S SandhuExperimentation In Enhancing Wear Resistance Of Rotavator Blades By Increasing Chromium ContentIJESIRDNAInternationalNANANANANAJune 2016
17Mr. Gurpreet Singh MalhiHeat Treatment Is Used To Weld Duplex SteelIJMENAInternationalNANANANANAJuly2016
18Mr. Inderjeet SinghEfeect of Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide Reinforced Particles on the Mechanical and Mettalurgical Properties of FSW Joints of AA-6063 alloyIJ Adv Engg and Research DevNAInternationalNANANANANAApr-16
19Mr. Parveen Kumar SainiMicro Machining Of E-Glass-Fibre-Epoxy Composite Using Electro Chemical Discharge MachiningIJEDRNAInternationalNANANANANAJune 2016
20Mr.Pawan NainParametric Optimization Of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Using High Carbon Chromium Steel (Aisi D2)IJRnDESMNAInternationalNANANANANAJune 2016
21Mr.Pawan NainStudy Of Process Parameters In Electrical Discharge MachiningIJRnDESMNAInternationalNANANANANAJune 2016
22Mr. Ramandeep Singh DeordaExperimental Investigation Inlife Enhancement Of Rotavator Blade Against Abrasive Wear By Hard FacingIJERGSNAInternationalNANANANANAJune 2016
23Mr. Ramesh KumarWelding Distortion In Joining Of Thin Plate Of Dissimilar Metal Of Aisi 304 And Duplex 2205 Using Gmaw”IJEMRNAInternationalNANANANANAMay2016
24Mr. Ravinder SinghEffect Of Single Pass And Double Pass On Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Alloy 6063 Using Square Tool Pin ProfileIJEMRNAInternationalNANANANANAJune 2016
25Mr. Rohit DhawanAttributes Based Comparison of High Heat Transfer Cooling Techniques using Graph Theoretic Permanent of Matrix ApproachIJRDESMNAInternationalNANANANANAMay-16
26Mr. Rohit DhawanDeep X-Ray Lithography For Fabrication Of Micro Gas Bearings: A ReviewIJRnDESMNAInternationalNANANANANAMay 2016
27Mr. Rohit DhawanRanking of Spray Cooling Technique using Fuzzy Scale and Permanent of MatrixIJRDESMNAInternationalNANANANANAMay-16
28Mr. Rupinder SinghEvaluate The Computer-Aided System For Life Cycle Assessment Of A Pressure Die-Casting Process Using Score MethodIJAERDNAInternationalNANANANANAMay 2016
29Mr. Rupinder SinghImpact of Abrasive Water Jet Technology in Modren EngineeringIJTENAInternationalNANANANANAMay-16
30Mr.Vikas KaushikUtilisation Of Six Sigma Method To Reduce Defects In Green Sand Casting Process And Improve The ProductivityIJEMRNAInternationalNANANANANAMay2016
31Mr .Amitabh sharmaINTERSECTION AND COHERENCE BASED TIME SYNCHRONIZATION OF BODY SENSOR NETWORKinternational journal of advances In Engineering And TechnologyNAInternationalvolume 9Issue 4p.p.102-109NaNaFebruary, 2016
32 Mrs. Heena WadhwaFeature Emulation and Cluster Analysis to Discern Gait-A Maiden Towards ProgressionInternational Journal of Current Engineering and TechnologyNAInternationalVol.6, Issue 1pp.89-95NaNaFebruary, 2016
33Mrs. Daljit kaurComparision between minutiae based anhd pattern based algorithm of fingerprint imageinternational journel of information engineering and electronic buisnessNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaFebruary, 2016
34 Dr.Shashi BhushanTo Examine the Performance of Digital Image Watermarking by applying DWT, Neural Network and RSAInternational Journal of Modern Computer ScienceNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaFebruary, 2016
35 Dr.Shashi BhushanAn Enhanced Digital Image Watermarking Scheme for Medical Images using Neural Network, DWT and RSAInternational Journal of Modern Education and Computer ScienceNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaPublished apr.2016
36Mr.Sachin Majithia.Image Denoising Techniques For Restoration: A SurveyNorth Asian International Reseach Journal Of Science,Engineering & I.TNAInternational1.vol.2 Issue . 2016
37Mr.Sachin Majithia Adaptive Gaussian Filter Based Image Recovery Using Local Segmentation International Journal Of Technology And ComputingNAInternational 2.vol 2Issue 1 2.Jan. 2016
38Mr. Mandeep DevganRobust Login Authentication using Time-based OTP through Secure TunnelInternational Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global DevelopmentNAInternationalNaNaPg. 6285-6289NaNaMar-16
39Dr. Bikrampal KaurImplementation of Biography Based Neural Clustering(BBNC) With Genetic Processing For Tumor Detection From Medical ImagesICAET 2016NAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaMar-16
40Dr. Shashi bhushanImplementation of ICA based Score level Fusion of Iris and Ear biometricsNaIEEEInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
41Dr. Shashi bhushanSecure and Efficient GA based Algorithm for Iris and Ear Biometric SystemIJRECENAInternationalVolume :4Issue :2ISSN: 2393-9028 Print
ISSN: 2348-2281 Online
ISSN: 2393-9028 Print
ISSN: 2348-2281 Online
Apr -june-2016
42Dr. Shashi bhushanFinger vein Matching using Segmentation AND SVMIJFRSNAInternationalVolume 6 Issue 1Page No. 15-21NaNaMay-16
43Dr. Shashi bhushanEnergy efficient offloading for mobile cloud computing :A reviewIJAERANAInternationalVol. 2Issue 2NaNaNaJun-16
44Dr. Shashi bhushanEnergy efficient adative offloading for mobile cloud computing using optimal partitioning algorithmIJMCSANAInternationalVol. 4Issue 3NaNaNa2016
45Mr. Mandeep DevganSybil Attack in VANETNaIEEEInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
46Mr. Mandeep DevganDetection and isolation of Sybil attack in VANET using monitoring mode techniqueIJACRNNAInternationalVol.4Issue 1ISSN:2278-0658NaNaJan-16
47Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiA Robust data Security Model for the Data Security In the Mobile WiFi Offloading architectureIJMCSANAInternationalVol. 4Issue. 1NaNaNaJan-16
49Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiA Robust Crypto-Key Management (RoCKeM) Model for Highly Secure 4G/LTE NetworksIJMCSANAInternationalVol. 4Issue 1NaNaNaJan-16
50Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiA Robust 4G/LTE Network Authentication for Realization of Flexible and Robust Security SchemeINDIACom ,IEEE Conference ID- 37465NAInternational10th INDIACOM 2016 CONFERENCE ID 3746510th INDIACOM 2016 CONFERENCE ID 37465NaNaNaMar-16
51Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiMulti-Level Cloud Authentication Model for Meta-heuristic Cloud PlatformsIJSRNAInternationalVol. 5Issue 1NaNaNaJan-16
52Mrs. Heena WadhwaA Systematic Review Based On Machine LearningTechniques for Software Defect PredicationIJEDRNAInternationalVol. 4Issue 2PP. 1290-1292NaNaMay-16
53Mrs. Heena WadhwaA Performance Improvement Technique with Feature Extraction Using Adaptive BoostIJMCSNAInternationalVol. 4Issue 3PP. 179-184NaNaJun-16
54Dr. Shashi BhushanSecure User Authentication and Data Transfer in Wireless Sensor Network using Elliptical curve Algorithm and Data Session using MD5International Journal of Engineering and Development ResearchNAInternationalVol. 4Issue 2pp 1286-1289NaNaMay-16
55Dr. Shashi BhushanAuthenticated Node Deployment and Data Transmission by Authorized Node through Multiple Hops in Wireless Sensor NetworkInternational Journal of Modern Computer ScienceNAInternationalVol. 4 Issue 3pp 147-152NaNaJun-16
56Dr. Shashi BhushanUser Validation and secure Data Communication using Elliptical curve encryption through Multiple Hops in Wireless Sensor NetworkInternational Research Journal of Engineering and TechnologyNAInternationalvol 3Issue 6NaNaNa2016
57Dr. Bikrampal Kaur2-D Geometric shape recognition using Canny Edge Detection TechniqueNaIEEEInternationalNaNa7016-7019NaNaMar-16
58Dr. Bikrampal KaurA Review on the Image Forgery Detection MethodsInternational Journal of Modern Computer ScienceNAInternationalVol 4Issue 287-89NaNaApr-16
59Dr. Bikrampal KaurObject Shape Recognition in 2-D images with various approachesInternational journal of Business ManagementNAInternationalVol 2Issue 22349-3402NaNaMar-16
60Dr. Bikrampal KaurDigital image Forgery Detection Using the Wavelet decomposition and low-level feature pointsICCCS(published by CRC Press of Taylor and Francis group)NAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaSep-16
61Dr. Bikrampal KaurK-nearest neighbor based Image forgery detection with hybrid feature descriptorsInternational journal of modern computer science and applicationsNAInternationalVol 4Issue 5NaNaNaSep-16
62Dr. Bikrampal KaurColor Based Segmentation Using K-mean Clustering and Watershed segmentationNaIEEEInternationalNaNa7020-7024NaNaMar-16
63Dr. Bikrampal KaurA Review on Image Reconstruction Techniques using The Regression models with fitness testingInternational Journal of Modern Computer ScienceNAInternationalVol 4Issue 279-82NaNaApr-16
64Dr. Bikrampal KaurSegmentation of 2-D images on Color basis with Various TechniquesInternational jouranal of Business ManagementNAInternationalVol 2Issue 21267-1276NaNaMar-16
65Dr. Bikrampal KaurBinary Image Reconstruction Using the Adaptive Hybrid Mechanism with Swarm OptimizationICCCS(published by CRC Press of Taylor and Francis group)NAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaSep-16
66Dr. Bikrampal KaurMeta-Heuristic Image Reconstruction based upon Genetic Programming Over Robust Initial SolutionInternational journal of modern computer science and applicationsNAInternationalVol 4Issue 5NaNaNaSep-16
67Dr. Bikrampal KaurNumber plate recognition through Image using Morphological AlgorithmNaIEEEInternationalNaNa6129-6132NaNa1-Mar
68Dr. Bikrampal KaurA review on automatic license plate recognition methodsInternational Journal of Modern Computer ScienceNaInternationalvol 4Issue 270-74NaNaApr-16
69Dr. Bikrampal KaurLicense plate detection using color illumination based classificationInternational jouranal of Business ManagementNAInternationalvol 2Issue 21536-1543NaNaMar-16
70Dr. Bikrampal KaurRobust vehicle detection and localization using normalized color illuminationICCCS(published by CRC Press of Taylor and Francis group)NAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaSep-16
71Dr. Bikrampal KaurBalanced color illumination with k-means clustering for number plate localizationInternational journal of modern computer science and applicationsNAInternationalvol 4Issue 5NaNaSep-16
72Mr.Jaspreet Singhdata de-duplication over cloud computing for valuable storage:A review International journal of advanced research in computer science and software engineeringNAInternationalvol 6Issue 5856-857NaNaMay-16
73Mr.Jaspreet Singhenhanced de-duplication methods to improve performance in cloud storage environmentinternational journal of research in electronics and computer engineeringNAInternationalvol.4Issue 240-44NaNaapr-june 2016
74Mr.Jaspreet Singhdata de-duplication approach based on hashing techniques for reducing time consumption over a cloud networkinternational journal of computer applicationsNAInternationalVol.142Issue No. 5NaNaNaMay-16
75Mrs. Amanpreet KaurEnhancing Authentication Schemes for Multi-Level Graphical Password in Cloud EnvironmentCommunications on Applied Electronic(CAE)NAInternationalVol. 5Issue 818-DecNaNaAugust, 2016
76Mrs. Amanpreet KaurLow Cost Robust Inter-Server Authentication for Cloud EnvironmentNaIEEEInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
77Mrs. Amanpreet KaurMitigation of DDoS Attacks in Cloud ComputingNaIEEEInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
78Mrs. Amanpreet KaurPattern Analytical Module for EDoS Attack RecognitionIOSRNAInternationalVol. 18Issue 514-20NaNaSep-16
79Mrs. Amanpreet KaurComparison of Hybrid HOD-GSA, HOD and PSO for the Tuning of Extended Kalman FilterNaIEEEInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
80Mrs. Amanpreet KaurA Review on Tuning of Extended Kalman Filter using optimization techniques for state estimationInternational Journal of computer applicationsNAInternationalVol. 145Issue 151-5NaNaMay,2016
81Mrs. Amanpreet KaurTuning of Extended Kalman Filter for non-linear state estimationIOSRNAInternationalVol.18Issue 514-19NaNaOctober, 2016
82Mr. Mandeep Singh SainiSoftware Defined Network based Centralized Authentication Server with Minimized Authentication DelayIJMCSANAInternationalVol. 4Issue 61–6NaNaNovember. 2016
83Mrs.Shanky RaniData security in cloud computing using various Encryption TechniquesInternational Journal of Modern Computer ScienceNAInternationalVolume 4Issue 3p.p. 163,166NaNaJun-16
84Mrs.Shanky RaniEnhancing Data Security in cloud Computing based on Blowfish and MD5 cryptographyInternational Journal of Modern Computer Science and ApplicationsNAInternationalVolume No-4Issue No.5p.p. 12,18NaNaSep-16
85Mr. Amitabh SharmaAutomatic Image Registration based on Transform Based Correlation Based Approch -Surveyinternational journal of research in electronics and computer engineeringNAInternationalVol.4Issue 249-52NaNaJun-16
86Mr. Amitabh SharmaImage Resigtration based on Geomatrical Transformation Approch using segmentation and Detect the Brain Tumar in MRI Imagesinternational journal of computer science researchNAInternationalvol,4Issue 3103-110NaNaSep-16
87Mr. Sachin MajithiaA Review over the Optimal Vulnerability Detection MethodsInternational Journal of modern Computer Science(IJMCS)NAInternationalVolume 4 Issue 283-86.NaNaApr-16
88Mr. Sachin MajithiaAn Efficient Model for Web Vulnerabilities Detection based on Probabilistic ClassificationInternational Journal of Technology and Computing (IJTC)NAInternationalVolume 2Issue 8419-422NaNaAug-16
89Mr. Sachin MajithiaA Unified Approach to Expose Web VulnerabilitiesInternational Conference on Recent Developments in ScienceREDSET-2016(3rd Conference)InternationalNaNaNaNaNaOct-16
90Mr.Mandeep SinghThe Study and Selection of Color Image Segmentation Techniques-SurveyIJRECENAInternationalVolume 4 Issue 282-85NaNaApr-16
91Mr.Mandeep SinghDetection the Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Edge & K-Mean Clustering TechniquesInternational Journal of Computer Science ResearchNAInternationalVolume 4 Issue 4NaNaNaDec-16
92Dr. Parminder SinghMeasuring the data routing efficacy in Level-2 Leach protocolNaIEEEInternationalNaNa3227-3230NaNaOct-16
93Dr. Parminder SinghReview of wireless sensor networksnational conference ptuNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaSep-16
94Dr. Parminder SinghImproving energy of modified multilevel leach protocol by triggering random channel selectionIjcnis mecs publisherNAInternationalvolume 8Vol. No 12NaNaNaAug-16
95Dr. Parminder SinghReview on Herachical routing protocols of WSNIJTC journalNAInternationalVolume 2NaNaNaNaAug-16
96Dr. Parminder SinghComparitive study and Analysis of AODV and OLSR Protocols in Mesh NetworksIJTC journalNAInternationalVolume 1NaNaNaNaOct-15
97Dr. Parminder SinghPerformance Metrics of AODV and OLSR in Mesh NetweorksNaIEEE ConfrenceInternationalNaNa3182-3185NaNaOctober,16
98Dr. Parminder SinghPath Selection and Effects of Channel Behaviour in Multi-cast networksIJLTET JournalNAInternationalVolume 7Na105-112NaNaSep-16
99Dr. Parminder SinghEnhancing Performance of Multi-Cast Networks by Implicit Channel Assignmentnational conference ptuNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaSep-16
100Dr. Parminder SinghAnalysis and Detection of Byzantine Attack in Wireless Sensor NetworkNaIEEE ConfrenceInternationalNaNa3189-3191NaNa16-Oct
101Dr. Parminder SinghSecurity Protection across Network based Attacks in Mesh NetworksIJLTET JournalNAInternationalVolume 7Na470-478NaNaSep-16
102Dr. Parminder SinghWireless Mesh Networks and Riskless Connection ModelsNaNational conference ptuNationalNaNaNaNaNaSep-16
103Dr. Parminder SinghPerformace Analysis of Intrusion Detection SystemNaIEEE ConfrenceInternationalNaNa3186-3188NaNa16-Oct
104Dr. Parminder SinghDetecting and Tracking Intruders in Mesh Based NetworksIJLTET JournalNAInternationalVolume 7Na63-68NaNaSep-16
105Dr. Parminder SinghNetwork based Intrusion Detection System or Detecting AnomalyNaNational conference ptuNationalNaNaNaNaNaSep-16
106Mrs. Amanpreet KaurLow Cost Robust Inter-Server Authentication for Cloud EnvironmentNaIEEEInternationalNaNa537-541NaNaDec-16
107Mrs. Amanpreet KaurPattern Analytical Module for EDoS Attack RecognitionIOSRNAInternationalvol. 18, issue 5Issue 514-20NaNaSep-16
108Mrs. Amanpreet KaurComparison of Hybrid HOD-GSA, HOD and PSO for the Tuning of Extended Kalman FilterNaIEEEInternationalNaNaNaNaNaJul-05
109Mrs. Amanpreet KaurA Review on Tuning of Extended Kalman Filter using optimization techniques for state estimationInternational Journal of computer applicationsNAInternationalVol. 145,Issue 151-5NaNaMay-16
110Mrs. Amanpreet KaurTuning of Extended Kalman Filter for non-linear state estimationIOSRNAInternationalVol.18, issue 5Issue 514-19NaNaOct-16
111Dr.Bikrampal kaurCost Aware task scheduling with active VM Load eveluationACMNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaNov-16
112Dr.Bikrampal kaurLoad balancing in Tasks using honeybee Behaviour Algorithm in cloud computingNaIEEEInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
113Dr.Bikrampal kaurEnergy Aware task Scheduling with Adaptive Clustering method in cloud computing:A reviewNaTaylor and francsisInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
114Dr.Bikrampal kaurMata-Heuristic hybrid Task Scheduling Mechanism with Weighted Clustering over cloud computingIJMCSANAInternationalVol.4Issue-539-43NaNaSep-16
115Mr.Mandeep Singh Sainienhanced TPA scheme to improve access permissions development over cloud architectureIJTC journalNAInternationalVol 2,Issue 10508-513NaNa1-Oct
116Mr.Mandeep Singh SainiReview of third party authentication model for securing user space in cloud computingijreceNAInternationalVol 4Issue 275-77NaNa16-Apr
117Mr. Mandeep Singh Devgan Virtual Machine Migration Techniques used in Embedded systems: A ReviewInternational Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA)NAInternationalVol 144Issue No.1PP(40-46)NaNaJun-16
118Mr. Mandeep Singh DevganA Performance based Model for Physical Virtual Machine to Speed up Migration using Genetic AlgorithmInternational Journal for Scientific Research & Development(IJSRD)NAInternationalVol. 4 Issue 05PP(517-520)NaNa2016
119Mr. Mandeep Singh DevganImprovement of SLA Parameters in Virtual Machine Migration by using Genetic AlgorithmInternational Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering(IJCSE)NAInternationalVolume-4, Issue-8PP(12-22)NaNa31-Aug-16
120Mr. Mandeep Singh DevganA Perspective study of virtual machine migrationInternational Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA)NAInternationalVol. 149Vol. No.1PP(28-31)NaNaSep-16
121Mr. Sachin MajithiaA Review on the hybrid approach for Data Visualization in Big DataIJMCSNAInternationalVolume 4Issue 2117-120NaNaApr-16
122Mr. Sachin MajithiaAn Approach for Visualization of Big Data Using NanocubesIJTCNAInternationalVolume 2Issue 9462-466NaNaSep-16
123Mrs. Heena WadhwaA systematic review based on machine learning techniques for software defect predicationIJEDRNAInternationalVolume 4Issue 21290-1292NaNaMay-16
124Mrs. Heena WadhwaA performance improvement technique with feature extraction using Adaptive BoostIJMCSNAInternationalVolume 4Issue 3179-184NaNaJun-16
125Mrs. Heena WadhwaSoftware defect predication by reducing features using Adaptive boost with SVM-RBFIJMCSANAInternationalVolume 4Issue 639-44NaNaNov-16
126Mr. Amitabh SharmaBandwidth Aware Stochastic Uplink Scheduling in WIMAX NetworksIJARIITNAInternationalVolume2Issue 3NaNaNaMay,2016
127Mr. Amitabh SharmaSmart Channel Sharing over the Wimax environments using the location awarenessIJMECENAInternationalVolume 4Issue 574-77NaNaSep-16
128Mr. Navleen KaurAdaptive Security Mechanism For Cognitive Radio Communications Based on Robust AuthenticationIJARIITNAInternationalVolume 2Issue 3NaNaNaMay,2016
129Mr. Navleen KaurEncryption Data Propagation With Robust Authentication For the Security Of Cognitive radioIJMECENAInternationalVolume 4Issue 5NaNaNaSep-16
130Mr. Amandeep KaurSurvey: Various Attacks on Cognitive RadioIJSRDNAInternationalVolume 4 Issue 51406-1408NaNa16-Sep
131Mr. Amandeep KaurEnhanced Detection of Cognitive Radio Under Noisy ChannelsIJCSENAInternationalVolume 4 Issue 10116-119NaNa Oct-2016
132Mr. Amandeep KaurAn Improved Spectrum Detection Approach of Cognitive Radio SystemNaIEEE ConfrenceInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
133Mrs. Jaskiran kaurSurvey: Various Techniques to Detect and Classify Hand Oriented Gesture in Digital Image ProcessingIJSRDNaInternationalVolume 4 Issue 3110-112NaNaMay-16
134Mrs. Jaskiran kaurHand Gesture Recognition Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform Technique and Genetic AlgorithmIJRECENaInternationalVolume 4Issue 278-81NaNaJun-16
135Mrs. Jaskiran kaurClassifying Hand Gesture Using Back Propagation Neural NetworkIJIETNaInternationalVolume 7 Issue 258-65NaNaAug-16
136Mrs. Daljit KaurReview Leukemia Detection and Types using Digital Image ProcessingIJSRDNaInternationalVolume 4Issue 31793-1795NaNa16-May
137Mrs. Daljit KaurAutomated Blood Cancer Detection using A rtificial Intelligence by ACO Algorithm with BPNN Classifier under Soft ComputingIJMCSANAInternationalVolume 4Issue 355-58NaNa16-Jul
138Mrs. Daljit KaurAutomated Count of Leukemia Cancer cells through Microscopic images with ACO algorithm and BPNN ClassifierIJMCSNAInternationalVolume 4Issue 4189-194NaNa16-Aug
139Mrs. Daljit KaurVarious Data De-duplication Methods to utilize Memory Structure in Cloud Storage SystemI2ORNAInternationalVolume4Issue 272-74NaNa16-April/June
140Mrs. Daljit KaurAn Optimized hashing based De-Duplication process for utilize Memory Consumption over a Cloud StorageIJMCSNAInternationalVolume4Issue4124-128NaNa16-Aug
141Mrs. Daljit KaurFile Level Hybrid De-Duplication Hashing Technique for Optimize Cloud StorageIJMCSNAInternationalVolume4Issue4224-227NaNa16-Aug
142Mr. Sachin MajithiaA Review on Adaptive intrustion Detection system based on data mining approachIJMCSNAInternationalVolume 4 Issue 2114-116NaNaApr-16
143Mr. Sachin MajithiaAn approach for intrustion detection system Using genetic algorithm with SVM classificationIJTCNAInternationalVolume 2 Issue 12534-583NaNaDec-16
144Mr.Amitabh SharmaRobust Security of GSM Networks based upon the Certificate-Less Authentication ModelIJETEDNAInternationalVolume 4Issue 6201-206NaNajuly,2016
145Mr.Amitabh SharmaSix Column Based Authentication With Common Column Algorithm for GSM NetworkICCESNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNa2016
146Mr.Amitabh SharmaMulti Column Authentication (MCA) with Common Entity Amalgmation (CEA) for GSM NetworkIJARCSSENAInternationalVolumne 6Issue 1296-299NaNajan,2017
147Mr.Amitabh SharmaA Review on Trust Based Vehicular Network Techniques to achieve high performance vehicular clusterIJETEDNAInternationalVolume 4Issue 6NaNaNajuly,2016
148Mr.Amitabh SharmaHierarchical priority based data propagation for secure network decongestion networkICCESNAInternationalNaNaNaNaNaOctober,16
149Mr.Amitabh SharmaAdaptive clustering mechanism with trust enabled data propagation of realization of secure VANET’sIJARCSSENAInternationalVolumne 6. Issue 12NaNaNadec,2016