Sno.NamePaper titleNational / Inter NationalName of JournalYearVolumePage no
1Rachna ManchandaReview Of Various GDI Techniques For Low Power Digital CircuitsInternationalIJETAE20144387-390
2Neha Rawat,Rachna ManchandaReview of methodologies and Techniques for Digital Watermarking” 11InternationalIJETAE20144
3Gagandeep SinghBER Analysis of Randome Diagonal Code Set for Spectral Encoded Optical CDMA SystemInternationalIJSETR20143
4Gagandeep SinghA Review on Sea Ice Floe AnalysisInternationalIJSR20143
5Dr. Ruchi PasrichaMetamaterial as a resonant absorberInternationalIJSR20143
6Gagandeep SinghA Novel Techniquiefor the Estimation of Accurate Thickness of the Sea IceInternationalIJSR20143
7Shweta Sharma, Preeti BansalA Novel Dual-Band Planar Antenna for ISM Band ApplicationsInternationalIJSR20143167-171
8Dr. Ruchi PasrichaDesign and Simulation of Metamaterial based Resonant AbsorberInternationalIJSR20143
9Sakshi SharmaAn Improved Iris Recognition System based on 2-D DCT and Hamming Distance TechniqueInternationalIJEEE20141
10Sakshi sharma,Amritpal singhIris Recognition system using 2D DCTInternationalInternational Journal of Engineering20143
11Shweta Sharma, Preeti BansalPerformance Investigation Of Microstrip Patch Antennas With Various Feeding ParametersInternationalIJARSE2014352-59
12Sakshi sharma,Amritpal singhEfficient Iris Recognition system using 2D DCT algorithmInternationalInternational Journal of Advanced20144
13Suniti DuttA Review on Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworksInternationalIJSR20143768-772
14Suniti DuttA Review of Location-Based Geographic Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor NetworksInternationalIJERT201421170-1174
15Manmeet KaurDesign of Modified Booth MultiplierInternationalIJESRT2014527-532
16Suniti DuttAn Enhanced Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme for Prolonging the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworksInternationalIJCA20147627-32
17Manpreet KaurRobust descriptive statistics based PSO algorithm for image segmentationInternationalIJSRET201431326-1330
18Manpreet KaurHybrid PSO algorithm for Image segmentationInternationalIJARCSSE20144324-329
19Manmeet KaurSurvey of VLSI techniques for power optimization and estimation of optimizationInternationalIJETAE20144
20Suniti DuttMinimum Spanning Tree based Improved Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworkInternationalIJCA201410329-33
21Aman SainiRemoving atmosphric noise using channel selective processing for visual correctionInternationalTIJES2014216-21
22Aman SainiRemoving Atmospheric Noise Using Channel Selective Processing For Visual CorrectionInternationalIJRITCC201422157-2161
23Nidhi ChahalStudy of writing methodologies for graphical displat on flat CRTInternationalIJCA2013729-35
24Manpreet KaurA Modified Method For Road Sign Detection & RecognitionInternationalIJERA201331027-1031
25Manpreet KaurMotion Estimation in medical video SequencesInternationalIJSRET20132194-197
26Parminder KaurMotion and Color Detection in Real Time ImagesNationalIJVSPA2013224-28
27Parminder KaurFace Recognition System using EBGM and ANNInternationalIJRTE2013215-18
28Parminder KaurReview of CAD Techniques for Liver Tumor DetectionInternationalIJARCSSE20133857-860
29Parminder KaurOptimized Liver Tumor Detection and Segmentation Using Neural NetworkInternationalIJRTE201327 to 10
30Preeti BansalConfiguring an optical character recognitionsystem using LabviewInternationalIJECT20132189-90
31Puneet SandhuMotion Detection and Target Tracking using Neural Network Correlation Co-efficient TechniqueInternationalIJERA20133298-300
32Ramanpreet KaurOptimal Palette Generation Using Trained Neural Network ApproachInternationalIJERD2013753-58
33Ramanpreet KaurColor Image Reduction Techniques and Optimization of Penalty FunctionsInternationalIJSRET20132158-162
34Ruchi PasrichaModeling of a Power Amplifier for Digital Pre-distortion Applications using Simplified Complex Memory PolynomialInternationalAMIS201371519-1524
35Ruchi PasrichaAn optimized connectivity scheme For increasing the join ratio of Zigbee networkInternationalIJECSE201321171-1177
36Manpreet KaurModified Shape prediction algorithm using OversegmentationInternationalIJERT201211 to 9
37Nidhi SyalDesign a video deblurring using probalististic multipointInternationalIJSER201236
38Nidhi SyalHigh Motion video deblurring using probalistic multi- iteration methodInternationalIJERT201211 to 8
39Puneet Sandhu,Navneet KaurConcept of Brain computer interfacing implemented through BCI2000”InternationalIJRTET20127
40Ruchi PasrichaFeedforward, Feedback and Adaptive Digital predistortion techniques for Linearization of RF power AmplifiersInternationalIJRICE20122258-262
41Ruchi PasrichaTurbo Decoder Design using Iterative Decoding AlgorithmsInternationalIJRICE20122263-267
42Ruchi PasrichaDesign of Turbo Decoder for Logmap and SOVA algorithms using iterative DecodingInternationalIJSER201231 TO 6
43Ramanpreet KaurStudy of Conventional and Evolutionary Digital Filter DesignInternationalIJCSC20112179-182
44Ramanpreet KaurNeural Network Approach for Adaptive Noise cancellationInternationalIJITKM20114455-457
45Sarabdeep SinghDesign of Area and Power Efficient Modified Carry Select AdderInternationalIJCA20113314-18
46Satvir SinghA Constrained Based Bi Level Histogram Equalization MethodInternationalCIIT2011
48Nidhi SyalInternet Controlled Automation SystemInternationalIJRTES2011235-38
50Ruchi PasrichaMemory less Non Linear Modeling of Power AmplifierInternationalIJEE20102