Sno.Name of facultyTitle of paperName of JournalEvent Attended( Conference, Paper Presentation)National/ InternationalVol. No.Issue No.Page No.ISSN/ISBNSCI/ScopusDate of Publication
1Ms.Bharti ChhabraImplementation of Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing using various Scheduling AlgorithmsIJARCSSEPublishedInternationalVolume 5, Issue 8, Issue 8,N/AN/AN/AAug-15
2Ms.Bharti ChhabraAn Approach for Singer Identification Technique Using Artificial Neural NetworkIJARCSSEPublishedInternationalVolume 5, Issue 11, Issue 11,N/AN/AN/ANov-15
3Ms. Geetanjai BabbarFinger Vein Detection using Repeated Line Tracking, Even Gabor and Multilinear Discriminant Analysis (MDA)”,IJCSTPublishedInternationalVol. 6 (4)N/AN/AN/AJune,2015
4Ms. Geetanjai BabbarLightweight Key Distribution for secure routing and secure information propagation – A ReviewIJCSTPublishedInternationalVolume 4 Issue 3, March 2015. Issue 3, March 2015.N/AN/AN/AMarch, 2015
5Ms. Geetanjai BabbarA Novel RTS/CTS based Relative Time Synchronization Technique for RFID based Wireless Sensor NetworkIJCSTPublishedInternationalVOL-5VOL-5N/AN/AN/AOct-15
6Ms. Geetanjai BabbarEfficiency Enhancement In WSN By using RTS/CTS Based relative time synchronizationIJCSTPublishedInternationalVolume 3, Issue 4, pg:1-4.Volume 3, Issue 4, pg:1-4.N/AN/AN/ASep, 2015
7Ms. Geetanjai BabbarReview on Finger Vein Detection using Repeated Line, Even Gabor and Multilinear Descriminant Analysis(MDAIJCSTPublishedInternationalVolume 1, Issue 1Volume 1, Issue 1N/AN/AN/AJan-15
8Ms. Nafiza MannParametric Analysis of Zone Routing Protocol on the basis of MobilityIJCSTPublishedInternationalVol. 5, Issue-2,Issue-2,N/AN/AN/AApr-15
9Ms. Nafiza MannPerformance Analysis of DSDV and ZRP Protocols with Mobility Variations in MANETsIJCSTPublishedInternationalVol. 5, ISsue-23,ISsue-23,N/AN/AN/AMay-15