Patents Filed

Patents Filed

Patents Filed

100+ Patent applications filed through Joint Research by Students and Faculty members

With more than forty five patent applications filed , CGC today is synonymous with research excellence in across North India. Following is the list of few concepts filed by various department:

Patents filed by ECE department

  1. Women Self defense Wrist Band: Taking women safety on prior hands, a patent is filed to help the women and teenage girls under mischievous conditions. By this wrist band, they would be able to protect herself on the spot.
  2. Thermoelectric Generator using Peltier plate: This patent is used to utilize the waste heat energy into electricity for multipurpose use in various applications and household purposes.
  3. Intelligent Alcohol Detection System using GSM and GPS in Automotive Vehicles: This patent is used to lessen the number of accidents due to drunk driving. The system will make ignition interlock in the automotive vehicle (cars) if the person has drunk above a certain threshold level then the message shall be conveyed to person’s family member about his situation and location through GSM & GPS.

Patents filed by IT department

  1. System and Method of Self Destruction Program on Piracy (SDPP): The proposed system activates the program to destroy itself after getting the signal of pirated computer program.
  2. Advanced Server Protection Framework: Protects the server from different types of attacks especially Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) from the overloading due to massive requests from the clients.
  3. Network Suraksha Kawach (NSK): A Method to enhance network security from DDoS attacks. NSK is similar to a firewall which defends Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks. The NSK-method is determining the MAC-Addresses of every machine that communicates with organization and finding the unauthorized machine.
  4. Biometric Card (B-CARD): Patent filed under Intellectual Property Right (IPR) on November 20, 2015. (Published in Official Journal of IPR). This patent is about the innovation to provide additional security to the ATM/Credit/Debit Cards. The method/procedure in patent checks the biometric sample with existing database (available with banks) along with the other security parameters. This innovation ensures the physical presence of the card owner to avoid any frauds, which may be performed by any thief/hacker by getting the information of card.
  5. Automated Mehndi Applying Machine: Patent filed under Intellectual Property Right (IPR) in collaboration with Mechanical Department. This patent is about the new machine which will apply the mehndi as per the design chosen to the requester. This machine will identify the size, position of the hand and will adjust the design as the available dimension for applying mehndi. This machine may be helpful in the county of multiple cultures, i.e., India, where mehndi is applied in most of the cultures available in India, especially, in festivals seasons.

Patents filed by ME department

  1. Head Mounted Display Navigation: This invention assists the user to navigate with the help of single bright arrow showing the turns to be taken and will have the audio assistance as well. It consist of HMD (Head Mounted Display, Helmet) button which converts the screen to its mirror image and this mirror image is further reflected over the glass to show the desired result assisting in navigating.
  2. A Plaster of Paris (POP) Applicator and Methods Thereof: This innovation is about the application of POP on the walls automatically with the help of a machine which increases the efficiency of the pop being done on the wall and also increases the neatness of work and will have a considerable decrease in the time as well as human effort required to do the work.
  3. Prevention of Engine Oil Leakage from Turbocharger: Separating the lubrication system for turbocharger is technical aspect of the utility model for solving the technical problem. There is leakage problem of engine lubricating oil from turbo charger, so there is need for separating lubrication system. It will improve the life of the engine.
  4. Handheld Drill Machine With Dust Removal: This drill machine has the capability to suck dust while in operation leaving no dust behind.
  5. Automated Mehndi Applying Machine: This machine is makes Mehndi designs over your hand just by keeping your hand inside the machine and selecting the design from touch panel.
  6. Wireless Electricity Transmission System: This router routes the electricity into the air and all the electrical devices such as mobile starts charging itself, tube lights glow while you are holding then in your hand, even tester pin confirms the presence of electricity in air.

Patents filed by CSE department

  1. Prof.(Dr) Amit, Prof. Bhart, Roman, Gibran, filed patent on LOSS-LESS DATA COMPRESSION SYSTEM FOR NAVIGATION. Metro Manager is an assistant which aims at making the navigation easier for its users. It is specifically designed for Delhi Metro. It will feature a dynamic navigation virtual assistant which will help commuters of Delhi Metro to navigate and travel around the complex map of the Delhi Metro easily with no connectivity access.
  2. Prof.(Dr)Amit, Prof.(Dr)Birajashis, Prof. Iqbaldeep, Shantanu filed patent on META RUNNER SHOES The meta-s is a shoe design influenced by the leopard claw pattern (Nature Gift) that provides support to a runner in acquiring fast speed while maintaining the gripping power on the floor or any rigid surface. The designed shoe can also be worn in the routine as major component claw is detachable.
  3. Prof.(Dr)Amit, Tanisha, Iqbaldeep Kaur filed patent on Mitigation of Black hole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks In the current work, the black hole attack is mitigated with the help of cooperative bait detection scheme and message digest 5. MD5 is used for the security of messages. This research is concluded on the basis of quality of service parameters like throughput, packet delivery ratio, delay and overhead.
  4. Prof.(Dr)Amit, Mukul, Shivam, Iqbaldeep, Shreya filed a patent on CGC KART The CGCKART is a platform to provide the student a virtual market concept. There are various sites available through which one can sell and purchase books and study material.

Patents filed by Pharmacy department

  1. Prof.(Dr) Anjoo Kamboj, Yogesh, Vikas Kohar filed patent Ultraviolet spectrophotometric method for determination of acid dissociation constant (Pka) and partition coefficient (log P) of tramadol hydrochloride. This patent will be helpful to find out the partition coefficient and dissociation constant of tramadol hydrochloride with the help of UV.
  2. Prof.(Dr) Upendra Kumar Jain ,Hardeep Kaur, Prof.(Dr) Jitender Madan, filed patent Novel self emulsifying drug delivery system of ferrous ascorbate with increased bioavailability. The outcome through this patent will be enhancement of bioavailability of ferrous ascorbate through self emulsification of the formulation.