Patents Filed


With more than hundred patent applications filed, CGC Landran gets recognized for its contribution to research and innovation by the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Geographical Indicators, Government of India as the 7th ranked Institute in India for filing 30 patents in a single year. Following is the list of few concepts filed by various departments:

  • Women Self defense Wrist Band: Taking women safety on priority, a patent is filed to help the women and teenage girls under critical conditions. Using this wrist band, they would be able to protect themselves on the spot.
  • Thermoelectric Generator using Peltier plate: This patent is used to utilize the waste heat energy into electricity for multipurpose use for various applications and household purposes. 3. Intelligent Alcohol Detection System using GSM and GPS in Automotive Vehicles: This patent is used to lessen the number of accidents due to drunk driving. The system locks the ignition in the vehicle (car) if the person is drunk above the permissible limits. In such a situation a message will gets flashed to the person’s family informing them about his/her situation and location through GSM & GPS.
  • System and Method of Self Destruction Program on Piracy (SDPP): This system activates the program to destroy itself after getting the signal of pirated computer program.
  • Advanced Server Protection Framework: Protects the server from different types of attacks especially Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) from overloading due to highly increasing requests from the clients.
  • Network Suraksha Kawach (NSK): A Method to enhance network security from DDoS attacks. NSK is similar to a firewall which defends Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks. The NSK-method is determines the MAC-Addresses of every machine that communicates with organization finding the unauthorized machine.
  • Biometric Card (B-CARD): Patent filed under Intellectual Property Right (IPR) on November 20, 2015. (Published in Official Journal of IPR). This patent is about the innovation to provide additional security to the ATM/Credit/Debit Cards. The method/procedure in patent checks the biometric sample with existing database (available with banks) along with the other security parameters. This innovation ensures the physical presence of the card owner to avoid any frauds, which may be performed by any thief/hacker by stealing the information of card.
  • Automated Mehndi Applying Machine: Patent filed under Intellectual Property Right (IPR) in collaboration with Mechanical Department. This patent is about the new machine which can apply mehndi as per the design chosen by an individual. This machine identifies the size, position of the hand and adjusts the design as the available dimension for applying mehndi. This machine will be helpful in a county like India as mehndi is usually applied by people coming from different backgrounds and culture during marriage or any other festive celebrations
  • Head Mounted Display Navigation: This invention assists the user to navigate with the help of single bright arrow showing the turns to be taken and will have audio assistance as well. It consists of HMD (Head Mounted Display, Helmet) button which converts the screen to its mirror image and this mirror image is further reflected on the glass to show the desired result assisting in navigating.
  • A Plaster of Paris (POP) Applicator and Methods Thereof: This innovation is about the application of POP on the walls automatically with the help of a machine which increases the efficiency of the pop being applied on the wall and also increases the neatness of work and will has a considerable decrease in the time as well as human effort required.
  • Prevention of Engine Oil Leakage from Turbocharger: Separating the lubrication system for turbocharger is technical aspect of the utility model of solving the technical problem. In case there is leakage problem from the engine lubricating oil from turbo charger, there is need for separating lubrication system which will improve the life of the engine.
  • Handheld Drill Machine with Dust Removal: This drill machine has the capability to suck dust while in operation.
  • Automated Mehndi Applying Machine: This machine create Mehndi designs on the hands just by placing the hand inside the machine and selecting the design from the touch panel.
  • Wireless Electricity Transmission System: This router routes the electricity into air and all the electrical devices such as mobile starts charging it, while one is holding it in the hand. Tube lights get activated and even a tester confirms the presence of electricity in air.