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All the Non-Technical events will be start at 9:15 Onwards and Venue is Chandigarh Business School of Administration (CBS), Landran

Debate Topics



  1. Who really is to blame for drug use?

  2. Do you really think that a Drug dealer simply supplies drugs, the same way Mc Donald’s sells burgers?

  3. Is a war on Drugs acceptable in a free society?

  4. Drug legalization is not realistic? ( Humans  are not ideal as society trust people to take right decision)

  5. Gyms and their role in drug habit formation?

  6. Are Drugs always immoral?

  7. Should brain enhancing drugs be illegal?

  8. Drug addiction is a disease or a choice?

  9. Drug and Alcohol use in young society?

  10. Should performance enhancing drugs be accepted in sports?

  11. “Drug abuse” who to be blamed, the seller, consumers or Law Makers?

  12.  Alcohol Ban on National Highways?

  13. Drug testing in schools/colleges “Justify”?

  14. Drugs Leads to Crime in Society “Justify”?

  15. Say no to drugs, say yes to good health?


  1. All drugs must be decriminalized?

  2. The abuse of legal drug should be matter of public health and criminal justice?

  3. Should the govt. impose the drugs price control?

  4. Addiction is a family diseases, one person may use, but the whole family suffers?

  5. I am not addicted to alcohol but I am addicted to escaping reality?

  6. Drugs leads to death trap

  7. How big is the problem drugs kill the pain or joy?

  8. Needs for drug abuse education.

  9. What is the current scenario on illicit drugs?

  10. Drugs laws are effective: do u agree?

  11. Should drugs addicts to be cured or punished?

  12. Effect of films on drugs intake.

  13. Effect on drugs producer countries.

  14. Say no to drugs, say yes to health.

  15. Do you think drugs leads people to crime?

  16. Is addiction a disease or a choice?

  17. If you are addicted to drugs, you are a bad person.

  18. Who is blame, the seller or the consumer?





Chandigarh Group Of Colleges, Landran