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Line Follower Robot ROBOTS
Department Restriction No

Line Follower Robot ( Technical )

  • Ashutosh
  • Rubal Grover

The goal is that the robot should follow a track marked with a line.

Block-1, 3rd Floor, Corridor
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    Bot Specifications

  • The robot has to be autonomous and should not be readymade (no external control mechanisms are allowed).
  • The robot may be altered during the competition as long as it is still compliant to the rules. All physical change of the robot must be reported to the championship staff for approval. Alteration of software does not need to be reported.
  • The dimensions of Robot should not exceed 30 X 30cm.
  • The robots mass must not exceed 2.5 kg.
  • The robot must not scratch or in any other way alter the arena (such as leave sticky film, paint or similar things).
  • The robot must be started manually with a start button.
  • The Robot cannot be powered by a stationary power source connected to the robot by cord.
  • A robot must restart if:

    - The robot does not start after pressing the Start Button for 1 minute.
    - The robot is touched by a human.
    - The robot moves off the field.
    - The referee orders to restart.

  • Tiles:

  • Track may contain such type of tiles for the robot to follow. It could be 90, U turn or anything.


  • To encourage creativity, there are no restrictions on the type of hardware or software to be used. Example Hardware: Arduino Development Board, PIC18Fxxxx Microcontroller, 8051 series of microcontrollers, 68HC12 or 68HC12 Microprocessor.
  • Example software: Assembly Language, C, some form of BASIC or Visual Basic. Scoring.
  • RACE TIME is the time considered for tracing the route from START to FINISH. RACE TIME is calculated automatically by the on-field optical sensors that detect the robots movement. The robot that will have the fastest run will win the competition.
  • A teams robot must remain at the field until it has completed its game including the 5 seconds freezing at the FINISH tile.
  • A small Technical Viva will be there Conducted by Judges or faculty.
  • Rules & Fouls

  • The robot violating any of the rules described will be disqualified from the competition or forced to restart the robot from the STARTING tile.
  • Any kind of touch by a human which affects the robot direction or speed will cause a fault state and force the team to restart from the STARTING tile or even disqualification.

    Team Specification:

  • 2-3 Members


  • The goal is that the robot should follow a track marked with a line. The robot must follow the line at all times. The whole robot must start behind the starting mark and is considered to have crossed the finishing line if any part of the robot crosses it when the robot has completed a full lap of the course.

    The Challenge:

  • The challenge of the competition is to make a robot that can move on black lines on a white background and reach the finish as soon as possible.The competition area has is a special place defined for the robots operation (hereafter COMPETITION FIELD).The participants must create an autonomous vehicle (hereafter ROBOT), that will move on the COMPETITION FIELD and do certain tasks.The ROBOT which will start on the START tile and reach the FINISH tile block by following the black lines in the shortest time will be nominated the winner