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ROBO SOCCER ( Technical )

  • Brijesh Juneja
  • Tavneet Singh

Not Available

Block-12, Outside Workshop(COE)
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  1. Team size: max 4 members.
  2. The judges decision at any point would be final.
  3. Organizers have the right to disqualify anyone if they break any rules.
  4. Teams cant make changes on the Robots during a round. They can, however, make any changes between successive rounds.
  5. Any kind of weapons that are intensionally added to harm the opponent Robot would not be accepted.
  6. The weight and size of an external power source would not be considered in the dimensions of the actual Robot.
  7. If special circumstances, such as unforeseen problems, rules may be modified by the Organizers, if necessary even during an Event.
  8. It is expected that all participants, students and spectators, will respect the Event. It is not whether you win or lose, but how much you learn that counts!

Event Description

The event is a manual Robots Soccer challenge to find the champion soccer master in Robots. Participants have to bring their Robotic marvels to battle it out for the ultimate glory. Manual Robots, wired or wireless, would be having 4 furious rounds of battle. This time event going to be more Exciting and interesting with heavy prize money. Participants will get a Certificate of Appreciation.

  1. The Field of Play(*) : Dimension of playing field is 120 cm by 180 cm. The field is marked by a white line which is part of the playing field. Around the playing field, beyond the white line, is an outer area of 10 cm width. Total dimensions of the field, including the outer area, are 140 cm by 200 cm. Goal: The field has two goals, centered on each of the shorter sides of the playing field. The goal inner space is 60 cm width, 10 cm Deep and box shaped.
  2. Robots
    1. Each team should have two Robots. One is Defender and One is Striker.
    2. The size should not exceed30cmx30cmof dimensions.
    3. Weight should not exceed 1.75 kg.
    4. Robot should not use more than 12 Volt power supply.
    5. If Robots are designed to capture the ball, they would not be allowed to keep the ball for more than 20 seconds.
    6. It would be appericiated if Robot is wireless(may be Bonus points,But Not mandatory).You can use anything like Bluetooth or Zigbee etc.Teams are responsible for their communication. The availability of frequencies cannot be guaranteed.
    7. For Wired Robot,Pipe or hollow stick should be mounted on the Robot and through which the controlling wire is comes out.Pipe or hollow stick should be 1 mtr(atleast) long and wire length should be 3 mtr long.(see image)
    8. The substitution of Robots during the competition within the team or with other teams is Forbidden.
    9. No physical intervention in the arena would be tolerated. This would lead to direct disqualification.
    10. Robots should be controlled by the designated controller and not by physical pulling and pushing.
  3. Event Structure
    1. We decide to have 4rounds.
    2. First round would be a clear knockout round of 6 min ( 2 halfs of 3 min each) .
    3. Second round would have faceoff s after which 6 teams would be qualifying for semifinal depending on the number of goals.
    4. This follows with the Semi Final round in which 4 teams qualify depending on the highest number of goals.
    5. Three faceoffs in Semi Finals, from which two teams would be decided on the basis of highest number of goals.
    6. Final face off. One match with a 2 rounds each of 2.5 minute interval. There might also be a Tiebreaker incase it is needed.
  4. Ball : Table tennis ball is used for play.
  5. Scoring : A goal is scored when the ball strikes or touches the back wall of the goal.Goals scored either by an attacking or defending Robot have the same end result. After a goal, game will be restarted with a kickoff from the team who received the goal against.
  6. Penalty :
    1. When Robot crosses the inner playing field. Opponent team will get Free kick.
    2. When Robot kick the ball outside the playing field. Opponent team will get Free Kick.
  7. Tie breaker : There will be Penalty shoot out, Each team will get 3 shoot. One Goal Keeper and One Striker from opposite team. Striker will given 30 second to post the Goal. Goal keeper can not leave the D in Field.
  8. Kickoff: Each half of the game begins with a kickoff. All Robots must be located on their own side of the field. All Robots must be halted. The ball is positioned by a referee in the center of the field. The team kicking off places their Robots on the field first. Robots cannot be repositioned once they have been placed. (But Referee can). The team not kicking off will now place their Robots on the defensive end of the field. All Robots on the team not kicking off must be at least 30 cm away from the ball (that means outside the center circle).