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Project Display (ME) PRESENTATION
Department Restriction Mechanical

Project Display (ME) ( Technical )

  • Chiranjev Garg
  • Shubham Gupta


In front of auditorium
To Register in Project Display (ME) :Click Here
  • Individual.
  • Group: upto 5 members.
  • Each project must contain physical display, oral presentation, and a written abstract (in the approved format with complete bibliography).
  • No modification of project can be done while competition is going on but if repair is needed that can be done.
  • Aim of the Project:

  • Each project must contain physical display.
  • The physical display must be self-explanatory.
  • All items related to project must be provided by the student itself.
  • Only electrical AC (Alternating Current) supply will be given by organisers.
  • Oral Presentation:

  • Oral presentation for participants must not exceed 5-10 minutes.
  • Whole idea and working of the project should be explained during the specified time duration.
  • Written abstract:

  • Each project must have written abstract in approved format.
  • It must include full specifications of the project with block diagram and full approach of the project.
  • Judging basis:

  • Idea is feasible or not.
  • Cost of making the project.
  • Mechanical theory is considered.
  • Creativity.
  • Accuracy of conclusions.
  • Quality of written and visual presentations.
  • Discipline of the team.
  • Disqualifications of project not meeting the project rules.