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Sanskriti -Traditional Dance DANCE
Department Restriction No

Sanskriti -Traditional Dance ( Cultural )

  • Chakshu Sharma
  • Ishwinder Nirman

Dance Event

Not Available
To Register in Sanskriti -Traditional Dance :Click Here
  • An Institute can send one participant.
  • The participant has to bring his/her own digital camera of not more than 12 mega pixels
  • The time limit will be 1.5 hours.
  • The participant has to capture 5 photographs on the theme announced on the spot by the judges.
  • No mixing, matching or morphing of photographs will be permitted.
  • Software such as Photoshop etc. for enhancing images not permitted.
  • The organizers will have all rights for the use of these pictures as and when they deem fit.
  • Digital images are evaluated on the basis of IMPACT, COMPOSITION, TECHNICAL QUALITY, and SUITABILITY for the specific theme.
  • Any additional instructions will be announced on the spot.
Dance Event