Lively Campus


Attuned to the needs of the students, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran offers a campus which not only embraces the beauty of nature, but also unveils technologically advanced classrooms that never makes them jaded. Sequestered yet vivacious, the grand heritage building of CGC creates an amicable ambiance, which helps them come out of their shell and explore their untapped potential.

Lush Green Lawns

Sitting in the lap of nature, CGC campus has pristine lawns that proffer tranquility, thereby rejuvenating the positive energy among the youth amidst career pressures. Once in the premises of CGC, it becomes hard to ignore the enchanting greenery.

Lively atmosphere

No noise, no bluster, still vibrant in true sense, CGCLandran purvey healthy environment to the students that ensures the campus always spread the fragrance of endearing life. Animosity of any kind is alien in this place as moments of pride prevails in the heart and minds of each CGCian.


Bustling cafeterias at CGC such as Café Coffee Day (CCD), Subway, and other munching points are the fulcrum of the campus, where students converse freely and create ever-lasting memories of college days. With the echoes of the successfully passed out seniors, these brasseries also weave dreams for the students and motivate them to roll out the innovative ideas that can turn the wheels of fortune for them.