International Collaboration

International Collaboration

International Collaboration

We are putting consistent efforts to collaborate universities and colleges of international repute to provide world class exposure to our students. This helps students in developing their skills, knowledge and attitude required for participation on a global level in the 21st century. We attract a large number of foreign students because of the quality of education available here. “CGC is a member of BUSINET, a network of international higher education institutes (both private and public universities and colleges) that share a common ethos regarding internationalization”.We are one of the three Indian educational organizations which are members of BUSINET.

CGC has entered into collaboration with number of foreign universities in order to provide plethora of opportunities to students. Various International Programs being offered are :

  • Summer/Winter schools
  • Internship abroad
  • Semester exchange
  • Higher education opportunities

Opportunities in USA:


Opportunities in Canada:


Opportunities in Australia :

Opportunities in UK :

Opportunities in Belgium:


Opportunities in France :


Opportunities in Finland:


Opportunities in Netherlands:


Opportunities in Denmark:


Opportunities in Serbia:


Opportunities in Malaysia:


Opportunities in Taiwan:


Opportunities in Bangladesh:


Opportunities in Romania,Italy,Thailand, Egypt, China, Indonesia, Nepal and many more:


Opportunities in South Korea:

Opportunities in Russia:

Opportunities in China:

Opportunities in Sharjah (UAE):

These eminent collaborations facilitate the students and faculty for teaching, research and training. Being a far reaching programme, it aims at free exchange of faculty and students to pursue higher studies and allow them experience the international study culture. Every year a number of students go to International colleges and Universities and CGC is fast becoming a preferred destination for International students.

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