Chandigarh Group of Colleges presents for the first time a Cyber Workshop
The past few decades have witnessed unprecedented levels of change in technology, impacting the way we live, study, work, and play. Whilst we have good control over the changes in technology and how to effectively deal with the said changes, we cannot say the same for changes affecting the security of sensitive data. With 9+ billion data records stolen over the last couple of years and large government organizations falling victim to cyberattacks, such as the UIDAI’s Aadhar hack, organizations and government institutes are raising the dire need for a specialized cybersecurity workforce who can contribute to protecting them from cyber consequences.

If you use technology to get around with your daily activities or envisage being heavily dependant on technology to perform your tasks at work when you join the workforce, then this workshop is for you!

This two-day workshop by David Valdez, EC-Council University’s in-house expert, will give you an insightful explanation about cybersecurity and its career prospects. The workshop aims to enhance the knowledge of students on using technology wisely, usage of hacking tool kit like EC Councils STORM kits, and experience using our cutting-edge cyber labs that will allow you to gain practical experience in attack and defence scenarios during a hack! This exercise will allow you to witness real-life experiences in combating cybercrime at your workplace.
Do you want to
Take home tips and tricks to protect yourself from cybercrime? 
Cultivate critical life skills that students need to succeed in the workspace? 
Learn about building a successful career in cybersecurity? 
Attain a certificate of attendance from EC-Council University? 
Experience hacking LIVE? 
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How our Students benefit
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