College Rules & Regulations


As Per Punjab Technical University

  • Minimum 90 days of classes in each semester.
  • If Semester does not get the required 90 days, extra classes will be arranged on Saturday/Sunday or other Holidays to complete the syllabus.
  • 75% of attendance is mandatory for each student.
  • In case a candidate fails to meet the attendance requirements he/ she will be detained from appearing in the final University Examinations.
  • Principal can condone up to a maximum of 10 % of the lectures/ tutorials/ practicals held in a subject, owing to serious illness, calamity or any other sufficient reason.
  • 60% evaluation is external and 40% is internal.
  • The external evaluation is based on the end semester University Examinations.
  • The question paper for the university examinations is set by an external team and the answer books/scripts are also evaluated by external examiner.
  • The 40 marks of internal evaluation are awarded by the teacher on the basis of continuous evaluation of the student, through class tests, seminars, home assignments and class work.
  • Three class tests are conducted internally during the semester, out of which best two tests are considered for award of Internal/ Session marks.
  • 24 marks are assigned to class tests (best two out of three), 10 marks are assigned to assignment and tutorial sheets and 6 marks are based on class attendance.
  • 40% weight age is given to the end semester university examination and 60% to internal evaluation. The end semester practical examination is conducted by a board comprising of one internal and one external examiner.
  • All the students must attend the college dressed properly. Boys & Girls must come in trousers and shirts. During winter navy blue college blazer and steel grey trousers with tie of student’s choice is allowed. Navy blue blazer is also allowed for girl students. No loose dress, which is accident prone, like half sleeve shirts. For Sikh boy’s turban is a must. Patkas & caps and half pants are not permitted in the college and are considered as an act of indiscipline. Trimming of beard and hair by Sikh students is also considered as an act of indiscipline.
  • The entry of the Students to the college is strictly through the Identity cards.
  • Nobody can enter the campus with a covered face or with his/her helmet on.
  • Nobody is allowed to enter the college campus in a drunken/inebriated condition. Alcohol testers/ breath analyzers will be used if found with any such violation.
  • Students admitted under Sikh minority category are required to maintain their Sikh Saroop and Tradition. Anybody violating the undertaking given at the time of admission will be expelled from the college.
  • Prescribed uniform is to be worn in the Workshop.
  • Students using unfair means in University or other College examination or class tests will be liable for expulsion from the College or any other disciplinary action in form of a penalty by the College authorities might be imposed.
  • Drinking and smoking is prohibited in the college as well as in the hostels.
  • Carrying of lethal weapons like guns, revolver etc. in the college or hostel is not allowed. Keeping weapons in the hostel rooms is prohibited.
  • Use of electrical gadgets like heaters, electric rod, press, radio, tape-recorder in the hostel are not allowed.
  • Allotment of hostel rooms is made on the basis of merit of the previous semester, Students can choose their room-mates and make request for allotment.
  • Cooking is not allowed in the hostel rooms.
  • The students shall be responsible for the college property issued or provided in the hostel. Damage of any hostel property shall be recovered from the concerned student.
  • Guests are not permitted to reside in the hostel without proper permission of Warden.
  • Dean Student Affair’s Chief Warden/Warden or any College Authority can inspect any room at any time.
  • Entry in the hostel will not be allowed beyond 10:30 PM in case of Boys Hostels. The timings for girl’s hostels will be notified by the hostel wardens in consultation with the Principal.
  • Roll call of hostel residents will be taken daily within 15 minutes after the hostel closing time.
  • Absence from hostel for the whole night without prior permission from the hostel warden is considered an act of serious misconduct, and carries strict punishment.
  • No meeting, seminar or gatherings are permitted in the hostels without prior permission of the warden.
  • 20. Students must dine in their respective hostel mess.
  • The hostellers are allowed to leave the hostel on holidays after mentioning the necessary entry in movement register available with the respective hostel servant / security guard.
  • Ragging is strictly banned in the college premises.
  • Any kind of Indiscipline including fighting in the hostel & college premises will be punishable.
  • Shifting of hostel property (Bed, Chairs etc.) from the room is not allowed.
  • Mess contractor must be informed at least 24 hours in advance in case a hosteller does not want to take meal(s).
  • Hostel option is allowed once in an academic year in the month of August and no change of option will be allowed in between the same academic year, except for the students who go out for six month industrial training.
  • The students can keep PC in hostel rooms with a due permission from the Hostel Warden/Chief Warden.
  • Students are required to come in the hostel mess and common room in proper dress.
  • It is discretion of the Chief Warden to allot or not to allot a room/accommodation to a student on the basis of his previous record in the hostel/ college.
  • Hostlers, who wish to keep four wheelers in the college, have to register their vehicles in College. These vehicles will be parked in the college parking and bringing them to the hostel is not allowed at all.
  • It is must for all the students to clear up their mess bills by the 10th of every month. In case they don’t do so, they are liable of being charged the mess bill with appropriate fine after the due date.