Why do MBA in Marketing: Career Options & Prospects?

Why do MBA in Marketing: Career Options & Prospects?

February 21, 2019

American Politician, William Jennings Bryan rightly said once that “Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” Undoubtedly, achieving success is not a piece of cake that anyone can taste without taking any effort. Despite saying this, even one cannot ascertain that just by pushing hard, things will fall in line. Apart from hard work, it requires smart work that includes proper planning and analysis from a critical point of view. For instance, when an individual selects any of the best MBA colleges in India, then in addition to looking the shortcomings and qualities of the institution, one needs to take in cognizance all the pros and cons of the field they are choosing.

Having said that, let’s try to chalk out the reasons which make MBA in marketing a good option for those getting enrolled in MBA colleges.

What is Management in Marketing?

Master’s in Business Administration, popular by its acronym MBA, is a degree program that includes a plethora of fields, such as operations, Human Resource, Finance, etc. One of the most sought-after Management streams is marketing and students who aspire to reach great heights of success find it quite alluring. However, selecting this doesn’t define one’s fate. There are many other things that will pave way for the student’s bright career in the future.

What are the things students learn through MBA in Marketing?

Technically, the students doing MBA in marketing from any of the best management colleges in India will get to learn more about the following three things:

– This will include the core principles of Sales Management, analysis of Sales trends, etc.

Market strategies – This will encompass more of market research, it’s ethics, concepts, planning, analysis of demand, apart from marketing audit.

Consumer trends– To study the behavior of consumers plays a crucial role in the marketing industry and that is why candidates pursuing management in marketing will have to attain knowledge in analyzing the customer behavior, and band management in addition to product management and enhancement of leadership management skills.

Aside from the aforementioned skills, the students pursuing MBA in Marketing from reputed colleges for MBA will attain knowledge in the economic analysis, analytical ability, Marketing Campaigns based on proper planning and research, Industrial Marketing and many more things.

Who should opt for MBA with Marketing Specialization?

The first thing that an individual must consider is to analyze their interest in the subject as marketing is a challenging field. However, there is no denial of the fact that this stream is quite exciting because it involves exposure to media and entertainment industry in addition to management of advertisement, promotions, and sales. If a candidate who enjoys the handling of mainstream industry and has a passion to build up positive relations in accordance to the company policies, then their future is going to sparkle after completing an MBA in Marketing Program. In a nutshell, one can say that students with excellent communication skills, aptitude to plan things strategically and knows how to analyze things with a problem-solving approach, then he or she must choose management in marketing from any of the best colleges for MBA.

What is the Scope of MBA in Marketing?

Once the candidate gains qualification as an MBA in marketing, then he or she can seek jobs in some of the most recognized companies of Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), such as HUL or Marico industries apart from the IT industry. Whether it is Retail, Consultancy, Hospitality, or even Banking, market research is a part integral to it. Therefore, students with an MBA degree in marketing will never face the scarcity of jobs.

What are the Job Outcomes of MBA in marketing?

Both in public, private and government sector, one can find umpteen job opportunities after gaining knowledge and skills in the marketing field. A student with an MBA qualification in marketing from best MBA colleges in Chandigarh can become a part of direct marketing or digital marketing. The concept of Digital marketing is now no more confined to the fetters of the door to door sales and has created a new ocean of opportunities for people who have interest in utilizing the technological advancements to the maximum level.

Some of the most common job options available in the field of digital marketing are Social Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), Search Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

The remuneration is also amazing in this field and candidates with Management degree in marketing can expect a whopping salary package of 40,000 to 65000 INR per month in the country in the starting of their career and with experience, the salary structure also gets improved.

Some of the common positions held by candidates passing an MBA in marketing from best management colleges in India are:

Marketing Manager
Research Analyst
Media Planner
Corporate Sales Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Head of Branding


Undoubtedly, MBA in marketing is a great way of making a career, but one cannot deny the fact that the success of individual will profusely depend on his or her interest in the subject and selection of MBA colleges.

Although many institutes claim that they are one of the best management colleges in Punjab, very few, in reality, open the road to success for the students after completing their education as CGC does.

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