Why choose a Hotel Management Degree after 12th?

Why choose a Hotel Management Degree after 12th?

January 5, 2021

The discipline of hotel management is a ticket to a brighter future. Today, more and more students are inclined to hospitality jobs than before, the reason being, a lot of perks associated with this degree which are beyond the regular salary. Although students can discover all these amazing benefits once they have stepped into one of the Best Hotel Management Colleges in India, they should know where they are headed to.

Hospitality has four major constituents that offer a different range of job options. Therefore, the job prospects get multiplied when it comes to Hotel Management, choosing a Hotel Management degree after 12th is a wise decision.

The career opportunities in various verticals of the hospitality industry are elaborated below:

Lodging and accommodation: The lodging & accommodation sector includes hotels, motels, hostels, and lodging houses where the candidates get to work as:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Banquet Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Executive Chefs

Travel and Tourism: This is again a promising sector without which the Hospitality industry is incomplete, it is a large contributor and these are the career options under it:

  • Travel Consultant
  • Visitor Information Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Ground Attendant
  • Cruise Manager
  • Tour Guide

Food and Beverages: This is the core driving force of this Industry and plays an important role in pulling the crowds to a particular hotel, restaurant, or food joint. The job options here are open at various levels:

  • Chef
  • Steward
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Kitchen Manager

Entertainment and Recreation: None of the industries/corporates or business houses can survive without including entertainment and recreation as a part of their work curriculum. Thus this vertical also plays an important role in offering jobs in:

  • Performing Arts
  • Museums
  • Cinema halls
  • Theatres
  • Amusement parks
  • Casinos
  • Spectator sports

However, there are few other reasons to choose a hotel management degree after completing class twelfth.

The reasons to go for a hotel management degree are:

Work that is beyond satisfaction: Everyone seems to be running the rate-race and living a monotonous routine life each and every day, scared to be daring to go beyond the ordinary. And believe us, hotel management offers a very exciting career. Anyone who has a bachelor’s or a masters in any of the hospitality degrees can have access to this happening lifestyle.

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree, you will be able to work in some of the best hotels, travel agencies, and restaurants around the world. The chance to meet new people and get surrounded by a workplace that is always buzzing with excitement is exclusive to this industry only.

Open the doors to international opportunities: Just like those who choose science degrees after 12th, the undergraduate degrees provide a multitude of chances via which candidates can study abroad. Some of the finest colleges offer student exchange programs through which candidates can study in the best universities in the world.

Besides going abroad for higher studies, graduates can also explore the work opportunities with international hotel chains, restaurants, food joints, and a lot more. As the whole world has come closer due to globalization, getting a job abroad (especially in hospitality) has become even much easier!

Get a high paying job: Paving a path to a brighter future is the primary reason behind getting a degree. And when it comes to hotel management courses, the students get what they want. All of the aforementioned job options under hospitality and its subsets pay fairly well with a lot of perks also. However, the salaries vary as per the candidate’s expertise and skillets. Choose your work hours: After completing an undergraduate program, the students get to work with an option of flexible hours and shifts as suited to their requirements

And unlike the same 9 to 5 routine, the candidates get to choose when they can work. Since the timing is not rigid, candidates sometimes have to work long shifts as well. But overall, it is an additional benefit associated with hotel management jobs.

Exhibit your creativity: Being just out of school can sometimes incite great ideas. While some of us have innate creativity skills, others acquire them over a period of time. A Hotel management course after school is a boon to showcase your creativity making it more exciting than others. This is how hospitality degrees are different from other options like Engineering or Biotechnology courses.

Hone-up your communication skills: During the hotel management degree, the emphasis is laid on honing up the communications skills as that being an essential prerequisite to qualify for the hospitality sector job. While pursuing a hotel management course, students can get enrolled in various programs and classes which help them in having a good hold on the language.

Conclusion: To be precise, hotel management degrees are programs that unveil exciting options. In addition to being full of fun and challenge, they also have a voluminous scope. The list of career opportunities is well spread out. The more one understands this industry, the more the benefits. So, it is better to explore the best hotel management courses after the 12th, choose the right option, and apply online.