What options are available after a BBA degree?

What options are available after a BBA degree?

May 30, 2019

Management degrees provide leeway to the pursuers. Among a plethora of academic domains, BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is most flexible as one can shift focus after finishing one degree. BBA is a three-year degree program which takes through Business impressions of theory, application and practical. It is one such field which provides specialization in different business domains. Actually, one does not even need to go for specialization during the undergraduate courses as it is the time of comprehension and evaluation. BBA being an extensive curriculum incorporates all the subjects which are just right for a fresh businessman. Perhaps, that is the reason behind India witnessing a significant upsurge in the number of Management Colleges. The Best BBA Colleges In India work hard to provide a collection of all the business segments, their activities, and operations so as to elucidate the workings associated with the field.

How is BBA Beneficial?

In the three years of BBA, the candidates are taught every function of management. From the principles of management to the elements of international business, every aspect is discussed thoroughly. So, it won’t b wrong to say that BBA provides equal exposure to the management realm as an MBA does. But what becomes more important here is the fact that adding an MBA to your portfolio would escalate the demand manifolds. However, BBA becomes the point from where one starts off his/her journey to join the management sect.
The benefits of picking this field do not end here. What’s more to BBA is the career scope appended to it. Moreover, after BBA degree, the candidates can join different courses such as Hotel Management, Education, Arts, etc.

Once a candidate gets a BBA degree, he/she becomes competent for even starting a new business. This awesome twosome of BBA and MBA is well acclaimed publicly but do you know that a lot can be accomplished after BBA. While we speak of BBA and MBA being aligned close together, it becomes very important to find out the reason behind it being so.

MBA and BBA branch out from management which means that both have a lot of similarities. Nonetheless, those who want to start working right after graduation, a BBA degree is valuable. And for you ladies and gentlemen who wish to do so, the top FIVE career options after BBA are described hereafter.

1. Management Jobs:
Understand one thing that: we cannot declare management as an industry in itself because it is intertwined with the other sectors. Be it the Pharmaceutical industry, Engineering, there will always be management designations present in each one of them. Now there are hundreds of industries and within those industries, there are thousands and thousands of companies and hence millions of opportunities across the globe. If you go by the books, the aptest career choices after BBA are only embedded in the course itself. After BBA when one becomes well-versed with the theoretical and experiential postulates of the field, going for the allied career opportunities becomes the best option. So, one can get absorbed in any of the following job designations:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Research and Developer Manager
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Sales Manager

In fact, after BBA one can also become a business consultant and business administration, researcher.

2. Teaching: “Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” It is one of the most impelling quotes penned by Aristotle. Isn’t it amazing to know that even in the ancient times when the only agrarian economy was well known to the population, the visionaries couldn’t ignore the eminence held by the teachers? This is what makes teaching a profession like none other. We are what we have learned; by reflecting our knowledge, we somewhere or the other reflect our teachers. So, teaching occupation has supremacy; it always had that. Consequently, one can definitely and positively go for this trade. After BBA, you can either teach BBA students or other students who have opted for the course you teach.

3. Government Jobs:
Whatever you do, know one thing that you can find the scope of that particular field in private as well as the public sector. After BBA, you can take government tests for banks, insurance agencies, etc. One can also become Company Secretary in Government field as well. BBA, as said, is a very flexible sphere. So, you are also at liberty to diverge and pick something over and above. So, you can go for civil service exams, defense services, Navy, Military, etc as well.

4. Business Consultancy: Business Consultancy is a very reassuring profession. The functions of a business consultant include analyzing the business of its client so as to increase the efficiency of the organization. Also, Business consultants work as problem-solving bodies which provide solutions to all the problems being faced by their clients. It is a very promising career which is highly remunerative as well. So, a BBA graduate can also work as a business consultant.

5. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship has emerged as a voguish trend in the contemporary world. With young and novel ideas storming the markets, it has become one sought-after business option for the creative minds around the world. One needs to understand the business world from a closer view and BBA provides just the same. After BBA, those who have a distinct and groundbreaking approach for the markets should definitely try luck in the segment. In fact, some of the colleges also provide Entrepreneurial Training to the inquisitive minds. Facebook was only a college-level program for Mark Zuckerberg but with proper strategy and an ample amount of hard work, he transformed that program into the most sought after social handles of the modern world. He became the first Mark Zuckerberg and you can become the first you! Who knows?

Concluding Words:
Surprisingly, the career options after BBA are too many to be outlined. Except for the technical fields like Engineering and Science, a BBA graduate has very high chances of getting absorbed in almost every vertical. Over and above, the candidates can join the Hotel Management and Hospitality industry as professionals. The list does not end here, it is too lengthy to be subjoined but if you really want to dig out more about BBA, choose the best BBA colleges in India. There is a score of Management colleges in India but only a handful are exceptional, like CGC. If you are exploring excellence then Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC), Landran can become your destination. The duo of Best Management College and BBA degree can pave the way to success.