What is the Scope of MBA in HR? – Things You Must Know

What is the Scope of MBA in HR? – Things You Must Know

July 13, 2020

Every organization has a combination of resources that form the core of the working model. Out of these resources, one is Human Resource and it is the most important one and this allows all the Best Management Colleges in India to play a very crucial role.

Today, the majority of students go for an MBA degree intending to construct a successful future. And pretty obviously, this becomes a robust foundation to do so. In context to the management of the personnel, there is an MBA Program with specialization in Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Management includes the process of recruiting, training, and development of the employees as per the profile,standard & needs of the organization.

MBA in Human Resource intends to inculcate the candidates with experiential and theoretical postulates of management of human resources via subjects, training sessions, and exposure to the workplace. This is also one of the most sought-after streams under an MBA that has a lot of scope for the future .

Different career opportunities after MBA in HR:

Although numerous options branch out of this stream, these are the top five relative career opportunities that pay impressively too:

HR Generalist: Human Resource Generalist is an entry-level job where the candidates have different roles and responsibilities towards the organization they are working for. While working on this designation, the core responsibilities include recruiting candidates, training and helping them in understanding the policies of employment.

Technical Recruiter: There are various jobs in an organization. Some fall under the category of technical jobs while others are non-technical. So, as the name implies, the technical recruiters have the tasks of hiring, recruiting, and training the employees for technical job profiles.

HR Director: Human Resources Director is the head of the HR department and he serves on one of the executive positions. The HR director plays the role of managing the whole staff, looking after their appointments,grievances, taking care of the compensations, and other issues related to employee satisfaction. In short, he acts as a bridge between the employees and employers. Since it helps you join the top managerial positions, it becomes one of the Best MBA specializations in Demand in the year 2020.

Placement Manager: The name has the description in it. But for your ease, we will still throw light on the responsibilities under this position. Some of the tasks include determining all placement requirements, maintaining the data related to it, and sharing the information pertinent to the whole task. Additional services include providing career services to students, planning hiring events, etc.

Human Resource Analyst: Candidates who work under this job position have the responsibilities of identifying and assisting in solving HR-related issues. The other tasks that they have to keep up with include creating reports on the employee-employer relations, addressing the problems, evaluating the already running programs, and give feedback/suggestions about new policies that need implementation.

These are the topmost positions for those exploring work opportunities after getting an MBA degree in HR. But one thing you need to remember here is that to work on these positions, one needs to have the following skills & traits.

Top 5 quintessential skills required by the aspirants include:

Teamwork and coordination: Being a team player is the most essential characteristic that is required by the HR department. To be able to assist others and cater to their needs, the candidates must know how to effectively coordinate with all while not ignoring the organizational requirements.

Communication Skills: Without this skill, no one can thrive in this sphere. If you are planning on making a career in the domain of Human Resource Management, you have to have impressive communication skills. Now there are Top MBA Colleges in India that provide training & development programs to perfect these skills.

Time Management: Time is money. An opportunity lost will never come back. So, not only in the HR department but in every walk of life one needs to know how to utilize time in the right and effective manner.

Confidentiality skills: You might be curious on hearing this but it is indeed very important for those working in the HR department. Human Resource in any organization, be it an educational institute, or be it a big corporate house, the internal HR activities should not get revealed to other employees. That is why the aspirants must have confidentiality skills.

Problem-solving skills: Another important skill that aspirants should have is Problem-solving. While getting in the work environment, the students must keep calm while facing a problem and should know how to effeciently tackle a problem and come with a sloution as well. This trait is very crucial for working in this stream.

Conclusion: MBA in HR is indeed a degree packed with great future. One cannot proceed further and grab the best,just like that; it demands a lot of dedication & hard work. Another thing that is required here is the support of the best college out there. A college that can provide exceptional placement opportunities and helps students ascertaining jobs just before the conclusion of the degree should become your priority.

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