What is the scope of B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics?

What is the scope of B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics?

May 16, 2019

Our ancestors stoutly believed that our health and food are interlinked. It was just an idea prevalent in the old times, but now it has become a scientifically substantiated fact. But even in the old times, some astute men discerned the link between food and health. Hippocrates was one of them. He was a Greek Physician (400 B.C.) and the present world knows him as the father of medicines. He was one among many to fathom this link and so he said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Time and again, a great many attempts were done to underline the ground reality and it is because of those efforts that we now know a lot about food. Realizing the importance held by food and its nutrients in our lives, a new academic discipline called B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics has been introduced.

As of now, B.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics has emerged like a discipline having a voluminous scope. But do you think it was this promising since the very beginning? Well, yes, after the discovery of nutrients it became quite important. However, it was only in 1747, that the vitamins were discovered and their uses were dug out by an experiment conducted by British Navy physician, Dr. James Lind. It started a wave of revolution around the globe and people started to realize the worth of food than ever before. Subsequently, in the 1930s the Nutritional studies kicked off in Indian Subcontinent which has now joined the league of most productive and promising academic areas.

In B.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics), the students learn about the effect of different foods on human health. Evidently, the ultimate aim of this program is to elucidate the ways in which one can lead a healthy life by minding his/her diet. Health is that facet of life which cannot be shunned at any cost. By intelligent consumption of the right and required food, one can prevent a variety of diseases and health hazards. With the aim of making more and more people healthy, dietetics has become a developing branch. When the target is big, one needs to have a big team and that became the reason behind B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics offering a myriad of job opportunities appended to it.

Future scope of Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition & Dietetics courses are very fruitful for those who want a promising career which pays handsomely. Although one can go for further studies after this course, there are uncountable job openings one should consider along the way. For those who desire to start working right away after graduation, it is one of the best options. So, for interested candidates, we are here presenting the top 10 career scopes after B.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics:

Holistic Nutritionist: Primary works of a nutritionist includes providing proper guidance related to food and the nutritional value associated with it. A holistic nutritionist is generally someone who takes care of a person’s eating habits so as to improve his/her health.

Clinical Dietetics/Nutrition: A clinical dietitian/nutritionist takes care of a particular sect of people. As the name suggests, clinical dietitian works in either inpatient settings or outpatient settings. He/she is a medical specialist and under this head, the candidate has to take care of a particular area of the health. These medical specialties include pediatrics, renal, diabetes, nutrition support, etc.

Sports Nutritionist: In order to participate in sports, one has to be quite healthy. As different foods have different impacts on the body, it becomes really important to monitor what one eats. A Sports nutritionist is a person who prepares a proper diet for the sportspersons so that they become able to give optimum output in the field.

Health Coach: It might sound like something associated with sports but actually, it is not. Health coaching is one type of constructive and strategically executed program where the nutritionists put evidence-based skillful conversation and clinical interventions to use so as to safely engage the patients into a health behavior change.

Public Health Nutrition: As of now, the need to reform the health standards and food consumption is alarmingly high. Numbers and numbers of health issues are encircling humankind. The Governments of various countries have constituted the specific government, non-government, and government-aided bodies to meet the provided standards of health. The UNO has brought about 10 major health issues which have plagued human health across the globe. With a thought of combating those issues, there have been numerous bodies incepted and so one can become a part of those teams.

Nutrition Education and Research: For some, it might look like a way simple job but it is important. Even in complex lives we live, the simpler things have proved to be of great importance. The candidates always have an option to start teaching in any of the schools or colleges. If not so, the students can conduct researches in specific areas of nutrition and dietetics. The students have a leeway to join research settings, overseeing clinical trials and interventions.

Business and Industry: there are innumerable industries and organizations which have food as their primary product/service. Due to a lot of health concerns, these companies need to employ a nutritionist or a specialist in order to monitor their productions. In Pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturing companies, eating franchises, etc there is a need for nutritionists who can work in marketing, quality control, and development.

Private Practice/Consulting: You always have an option to be your own boss, thanks to privatization! You certainly are at liberty to work on your own conditions. After this program, you can easily and very effectively practice this by commencing your own business. In this consulting job sphere, the students have to guide the clients on areas such as Diabetes management, weight management, eating disorder and many more.

Nutritionist in school/clubs/restaurants/hotels: All the sectors such as schools, clubs, hotels, restaurants, etc need to have someone who overviews and examines the food being served. Nobody wants to become notorious by serving bad quality food or food which proves to be fatal. So, the graduates have one more career option for them. Moreover, there are numerous options to becoming a nutritionist.

Medical Nutrition Therapy: Quite often it happens that you think you have a disease and when you reach the doctor’s cabin he tells you that actually, it is your diet that is interrupting your health. Then what to do? Turn to a medical nutrition therapist. This is an important branch where the specialists try to put food into use to treat a specific condition. Although it is practice long known but has become an application in recent years.

B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics is a life-transforming option. The aforementioned career options just give an overview of what potential it holds; there are uncountable openings it offers. To scout up every single of the advantages linked to this discipline, make smart choices from now on. From choosing the best college to get enrolled in, to making intellectual career choices, everything needs proper groundwork. Here, we have saved you the effort and substantiated your decision of choosing Nutrition and Dietetics and the rest depends on you. So, settle on a plan of action and win the world.