What is the scope after B.Sc Biotechnology?

What is the scope after B.Sc Biotechnology?

June 24, 2020

Biotechnology is a domain that adheres to develop and provide resources for the betterment of the world. From agriculture to human genetics, it has left its mark on every aspect of life. The discipline that has such a far-ranging and all-encompassing scope, the pursuit of the same becomes of great importance in the modern world. All this has added to this degree being offered by the Best Biotechnology Colleges in India. B.Sc. Biotechnology is an undergraduate degree that offers an insight into this exciting and awe-inspiring academic sphere.

The year on year development of the Global Life sciences market has added to the expansion of this Biotech industry. Realizing the increasing scope of the domain, a lot of colleges have stepped up and included this in their curriculum. This degree indeed has a lot of scope and career opportunities; take a look at what it holds.

Some of the Best Companies in which Biotech graduates can work:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Roche
  • Pfizer
  • Novo Nordisk
  • GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Symmetrix Biotech Pvt. Ltd
  • Deloitte Consulting India Private Ltd Company
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
  • Cryobank International India
  • Biomatrix Technologies

Career Opportunities after B.Sc. Biotechnology:

A lot of job posts can be filled after the Biotech degree and all these posts hold decent salary packages. Some of the best opportunities after B.Sc Biotech include:

Biomedical Engineer: Many new procedures are being put forth by the medical sciences in the present times. Before the worldwide launch of any procedure or product, biomedical engineers have the responsibility of designing, testing, and evaluating them. These can include surgery, tissue engineering, and other related concepts.

Biochemist: Biochemists study the chemical and physical aspects of the living things, living processes, and their effects. They also detect their effects on drugs, action on food, and different body parts such as body fluids & muscles.

Medical Scientist: Medical Scientists have the responsibility of conducting different researches and discovering new methods of enhancing health. To present the world with these solutions, they work with microorganisms, chemicals, etc.

Biological/Clinical Technician: Those working on this job profile have the responsibility of helping the scientists conduct various experiments. They take up the tasks of testing specimens, and keeping a record of the report and reviewing the test results.

Microbiologist: Although the job profile spells out a lot about what it holds, we will still share it with you which profiles fall under this category. The microbiologists have the responsibility of studying the microbes and detecting their role in the environment. They keep track of how these microbes and their life processes affect other things. Microbiologists can work along with great students from the Best Pharmacy Colleges in India in well-known firms around the world.

Process Development Scientist: In various biotech and pharmaceutical firms, there are numerous ongoing processes. The role of process development scientist is to devise new processes, evaluate and restructure the previous ones. They are also responsible for planning, carrying, and supervising the project trails in the companies they are working for. It is a decent job post that is monetarily rewarding too.

Biomanufacturing Specialists: The production activities related to the Manufacturing Practices are supervised by Biomanufacturing specialists. They also keep an eye on what are the requirements for the same. So, the job of Biomanufacturing specialists is to employ technical and practical skills necessary during the production process.

Marketing Manager: Each product and service that is present in the market has to be marketed. Likewise, the biotech products—be it a medicine or be it a service— has to be positioned to the right audience with the help of experts. Here comes the responsibility of the Marketing Manager. He handles the task to conduct market research, know the current trends, demands of the customers, study the competitor’s products, and then form a proper structure. For being so, the students can pursue an MBA from one of the Top Management Colleges in India right after B.Sc. Biotech.

Business Development Manager: Just like in every sales organization, there are Business Development Managers, in biotech and pharmaceutical companies. After the Biotech degree, the candidates can take up this job. Under this designation, the candidates have to keep sales leads and pitch the products or services to new clients. They are more inclined to sales but they do need to have a basic understanding of these products.

Teacher/Lecturer: There is no need to mention anything about this opportunity. Teaching happens to be one of the noble professions. Teachers are the building blocks of society and education becomes one robust pillar on which the country stands proud. After B.Sc. Biotech, students can pursue further studies and become teachers in reputed colleges & universities.

Conclusion: B.Sc Biotech is one of the Best High paying job-oriented courses after the 12th standard and the points mentioned above truly back this claim. Just after concluding your degree, you will be able to find a job that would help you hone up and imbibe the skills required to work in the long run. And with each passing year, you will be able to level up and take your career to the next level. Therefore, this is a worthwhile degree for those trying to make the most out of their professional life.

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